MyEC Presents: Stranger Things

Haven't you people noticed strange things going on with the 'Latest Activity' in your profiles?

When I came into the site today, I noticed that in my 'Last Activity' there were random old comments and posts made more than one year ago... showing up as my 'last activity'! Why all these old comments were there?? Where did my REAL last activity go!??


After that first 'surpirse', I calmed down and recovered myself to find the way to fix all that mess...


I started the hard work of removing all that fake 'last activity'... there was a lot! But, finally, the real one showed up.  After that, I keept sniffing around and I noticed that the 'fake last activity' was also showing up as new activity in the MyEC home page. And not just mine! There was also fake last activity of other members, showing up like ghosts of the past time! And... that was not all!: the date of all these blogs/discussions/pics/etc changed from 2018 to 2019!! 




After recovering from so many emotions, now I just wanna complain about how much I hate this new MyEC update, and how much I miss the old one, where I had more options to edit my profile and to pick what I wanted to show and how.

Honk if you are fed up that everything has to spin around mobiles and apps and you want the old 90's to come back!




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  • Oi there, folks

      H O N K,  H O N K - C A R A M B A !

  • Image result for honk gif

    I honk, I scream till I'm blue in the face, and I "imbibe copious quantities of alcohol" 'cause unlike some people around here  I'm not impressed with this whole new setup.

  • Hahaha ... Mary!!! :D

  • Ähnliches Foto

    A valid question

    Bildergebnis für the same happened to me gifs

    You speak from my heart!!! Let's swallow that frustration!

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