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Hey there!

Have you seen that new Poll thing on MyEC? (
I just did but it seems only the 'chosen ones' (mods and admin) are allowed to make polls there, and the mob can only reply...**** 
Why MyEC put a toy in my face that I cannot use?! That's so mean... but okay, I can write my poll here :P

Actually, this question is already made there... but my version is more cool and complete :P


1- Read and/or write blogs

2 - Bring up a topic to discuss

3 - Comment stuff

4- Add spam about essay writing services

5 - Go to the chat to check that nobody's there

6 - Follow MARY's activity 'cause she's hilarious

7 - Do??! Nobody said I've to do anything on this site!!! u.u


Now, pick one! Or two... or all what you want! geez... 


****update: Now all the MyEC members can start a poll...



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  • If it would the previous version of myEC, my answer would be 1, 3, 6, & 7 but for the new version it would be only 6 :))

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  • I can make a poll there too. but it will be better if we chould add a poll to our groups too.

  • I lost chat button and have limited actions some days. At least I can do #6 by now.

    • What a mess (>ლ) 

      No wonder you're spaniard...


  • Yes MARY (oh ye of upper-case persuasion), the Poll Feature is experimenttal and thus preserved from the hoi polloi. Took you long enough to find it though - it's been there for months :)

    So, since you apparently think it would be welcomed by members in general, it is now out of beta. Go ahead and do your worst.

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    • Woah! "Ask, and it shall be given you".   How cool! I feel all powerful! XD


  • hahaha #4 of course

    • (¬_¬)

  • I  have no clue! LOL!


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