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8855b28a69f90261f5ef0a1eafda3003.jpgDear members, welcome to MyEc Cafe! 

Take a sit, feel comfortable and order a coffee :)

This is place where you can stay as long as you want.. it is open 0-24 h. 

It would be great if you share your thoughts, ideas, current emotions,  song that you are listening, or photo or saying that touched you.. You can  write a poem while you are looking through the window.. You can even do monologues.. or simply be silent.. feel like at home ))

ps. idea about MyEc Cafe is not mine.. I have seen in on Gabriel Sowrian page, but as it is not active so much lately (last 10 years) , and  as it has no option for posting photos or videos, i decided to open new one.. hope he wont mind..


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    • Cool :)

    • Cool guessing....dear Rose!

    • Hmmm...I think my guess has amused you, dear

  • Dear guests of MyEC Cafe.

    This time I come along with a short spooky story but don't be afraid, it is not that very bad.

    Here you go!


    The spooky follower 


    She looks back over her shoulder. It's night, and she is alone on the road. Her step is fast. She tries walking with hard steps.

    Maybe someone who follows her might think to hear male steps.

    The trees and bushes throw long shadows and sometimes, she can hear the bushes rustle.

    It's cold and humid, and she freezes a little in her thin jacket.


    She comes from a meeting with her friends, having prepared the wedding of her best friend.

    She was late at the bus station, and she didn't get a cab.

    Therefore she decided to walk home on foot because it's not far from her house.

    But now, she isn't sure if walking was such a good idea.

    There is just light coming from a small lamppost.

    That light doesn't brighten the street.


    Image result for midnight under the streetlamp


    It is quite spooky.


    Suddenly, she thinks her heart stands still.

    The bells of the church tower start beating. It's midnight.

    The bells sound 12 times.

    While counting the bells, she doesn't notice the shadow next to her. It's a second shadow next to her own. Now, she sees it and stops.

    The shadow disappears, always when she stops walking. But if she continues walking, the shadow comes back. It follows her with the same speed as she walks.


    She walks and stops. She does it again and again. When she stops walking, the shadow also stops walking. When she starts walking, the shadow also walks.

    The shadow follows her, silently.


    Some steps to her house, she starts running without to care about what the shadow does. Finally, she reaches her house, opens the front door, locks it behind her as fast as she can.

    She is sure that nobody or nothing came into the house with her. She can feel her heartbeat until her neck, her hands are humid and the knees weak.

    She turns on the light and notices again two shadows while she undresses her jacket.

    Suddenly, she starts laughing because the second shadow shows itself. It is her scarf. When she left the meeting, she had forgotten that she had put it in the sleeve of your jacket. While walking the half of the scarf must have been slipped out of the sleeve.


    • Omg,haha.Nice story,thanks.

    • I have to say thanks for stopping by and reading this short story, Kate. 

    • ohh that was unpredictable end! Luciky it finished good : ))

      tnx dear Rose

    • Oh, what a sad song, Bossona! 

  • Dear guests of MyEC Cafe.

    I hope I don't bother you due to publishing my little stories and fairy tales. I just think a short story might be an entertaining pastime while sipping and enjoying your coffee or tea or waiting for someone or something.

    I wrote the following fairytale about four years ago. At that time, I took part in a writing challenge here in MyEC. Our task was to write a Spring Fairy Tale.

    Here you go!

    A Spring Fairy Tale

    He is looking forward to meeting her again. He's wearing a green suit with a white shirt under the jacket. The top button of his shirt is open, and he doesn't wear a tie. 

    He's excited and can't wait to see her. 


    For a year he hasn't seen her, and his longing is strong. His brown eyes are flickering He is feeling goosebumps all over his body.

    Just once a year, and only for one night, he can see and touch her.


    She is waiting too, and she is wearing a yellow dress with beautifully coloured flowers. Colourful ribbons decorate her hair, and her curls look like caffè latte with a tint of red.


    If you were able to see her, you would see her rosy cheeks and her lips, red like strawberries. 

    She smells like green grass and flowers, and her beautiful magic green eyes are glowing.


    Time has finally come. She is running to the place of her date. She sees her beloved prince by far. He is waiting for her. His smile has always seduced her. 

    It's a smile of half happiness and half sadness. 

    She is hurrying, and her heart is beating loudly. Her hands are shivering, and her legs are weak. 


    She knows if she is late- He will disappear, and she will have to wait for one more year to see him again.


    She isn't late and sees that he is opening his arms to welcome her. She is feeling secure with his arms around her. She is feeling the kisses, the hot breath on her skin.

    His masculine body is keeping her close. They are relishing every single moment!

    But soon she is feeling his body move away from hers. She is looking at his face and sees the tears in his eyes.


    "Oh, my love, please stay with me," she whispers in his ear.

    "I want to, my love, I want," he answers with a weak voice. "There is no one else whom I desire as much as I desire you."


    His voice is hard to understand, his body is changing, and he looks like a picture of shadows and clouds. Only his face in the centre remains the same. 


    As so as his body disappears, her body is shining brighter.

    They are still holding their hands, but he is only a shadow now. 

    She hears his voice:

    "Farewell, my love .... farewell, ......... see you again next year my fairy APRIL......."


    "Oh, my Prince MARCH, I will be waiting for you," she is whispering, and tears are running over her cheeks. "See you next year .... see you next year."

    He is turning into a beautiful rainbow.



    Image result for a rainbow between man and woman

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