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8855b28a69f90261f5ef0a1eafda3003.jpgDear members, welcome to MyEc Cafe! 

Take a sit, feel comfortable and order a coffee :)

This is place where you can stay as long as you want.. it is open 0-24 h. 

It would be great if you share your thoughts, ideas, current emotions,  song that you are listening, or photo or saying that touched you.. You can  write a poem while you are looking through the window.. You can even do monologues.. or simply be silent.. feel like at home ))

ps. idea about MyEc Cafe is not mine.. I have seen in on Gabriel Sowrian page, but as it is not active so much lately (last 10 years) , and  as it has no option for posting photos or videos, i decided to open new one.. hope he wont mind..


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    • Hi! Fake,  welcome. Take a seat and relax,  I think, Bossona is now busy with her backlogs.

      • 👍👍

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    Here i am )

    Its a little bit cold, but ppl, dressed in warm clothes, enjoy some sun's rays outside drinking hot coffe 😊

    I couldnt resist to share with you atmosphere that i enjoy at the moment.. 

    See you)

    • Great arrangement and the view, Is the saucer and the other two jar made of brass? How those two white cubics taste like?

      • Thanks Shaheen, these coffe pots are made of copper.. And this white cubes are simply sugar, just in form of cube )

        I drink coffe with milk and lot of sugar :)

    • I would like to join you for a cup of coffee, Bossona. 

      The first warm sun rays in spring and the last  ones before the Winter comes, I always enjoy much more than I do in summer. 



      • It would be great if you could join me, Rose! I think you would enjoy 😊

        In our tradition, whenever we serve coffe, we usually serve one cup more, for case of  unexpected guest.. )

        So, what do you think we order few more.. maybe Adri would sudnelly walk in, too..  or Shaheen.. or O.M. ( where is she so long, hhh)   or some mysterious reader :) 

        Thank you dear Rose 😊


        • What a nice idea, Bossona!

          Let's prepare some more cups or glasses of coffee or tea!

          Maybe also some mugs of hot chocolate, and we offer some pieces of pastry?

          Drei Dampfende Heißgetränk Tassen: Heiße Schokolade Kaffee Und Grüner Tee  Mit Beschriftungen Auf Bändern. Lizenzfrei Nutzbare Vektorgrafiken, Clip  Arts, Illustrationen. Image 41794496.

          Assorted Mini Cakes Stock Photo by Dream79 | PhotoDune



    • What a nice athmosphere , I love such beautiful places, cafés ..I thin'  it's a cup of Turkish Coffee without sugar !..( Is here Bosnia ? )

      • It is some variation of turkish coffee, WITH sugar..

        ( correct ))

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