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8855b28a69f90261f5ef0a1eafda3003.jpgDear members, welcome to MyEc Cafe! 

Take a sit, feel comfortable and order a coffee :)

This is place where you can stay as long as you want.. it is open 0-24 h. 

It would be great if you share your thoughts, ideas, current emotions,  song that you are listening, or photo or saying that touched you.. You can  write a poem while you are looking through the window.. You can even do monologues.. or simply be silent.. feel like at home ))

ps. idea about MyEc Cafe is not mine.. I have seen in on Gabriel Sowrian page, but as it is not active so much lately (last 10 years) , and  as it has no option for posting photos or videos, i decided to open new one.. hope he wont mind..


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    • Smart Idea...LOL!

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  • I think, i saw adriano some  says ago  on the chat room. We did not talk but i saw him.

  • Waooa....i am really so surprised !  Okay, thanks  a lot, I am sipping it right now.

  • Dear guests of MyEc Cafe.

    I would like to introduce you to my first English poem, which I wrote about 10 years ago. It's only a very short poem, but when I wrote it I was just starting to study English, on my own.

    Here you go!


    On the wings of an eagle

    If you want to dream, fly high to the sky!
    Take the clouds like a blanket.
    Look at how all the stars shine for you.
    Look at the myriad of raindrops;
    those all are tears of lovers
    whose wishes were not met yet.
    But don't stay there too long.
    The sun will drive the clouds away
    Heaven will send you an eagle,
    he takes you on his wings and brings you back
    so that you can find happiness on earth.


    • Very good poem,....

      • Thanks, Sekhar.


    • very nice, Rose.. thank you for sharing!

      • I thank you, too, dear Bossona. 

    • Such a nice poem, Rose. I wish I could do all you write about...

      Thanks for sharing.

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