My religion ^___^

Islam is my religion or maybe more than that now! It's all what I have & love :)...Im happy and proud of being muslim alhamdolillah :)!..actually, I was not cariing about this:(...just living with this life!! oups! muslim by name!..Im shamed to say this!:((..but,unfortunately,these is the bad truth!!..and I want to say that you will find the real hapiness & satisfaction in Islam!.:).. ok,dear sisters & brothers the goal of this discussion is to tell you that Islam isn't just religion of peace & love!!  but after what you think you hear, repent and invite people to embrace Islam is the true religion of Almighty know that any non-Muslim and non-believers are welcome while respecting each other and just be courteous in your comments thank you :)

                                  GOD bless you all  and protect you Ameeeeen :)

                                                                     Allah yahdiii aljami33 inshallah :)




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    • @Askar: oh ok, I understand you now friend!!
  • @Asmaa:Thnx dear sis for your nice comment;)!....yeah,you're right!..only.iN Islam, we can find the real satisfaction & honor:)

                                            & alhamdolillah that we're musilms^____^

                                                                        God bless you sis:)

  • @dear hanna : you're soo welcome ;)

                                                   yeahh amen:)

                                      god bless you! sis

  • @Hana: nice thinking! I respect all the religions! & I don't anyone to see Islam at the wrong way!....I agree with you 100% :)

                                       yeah dear: allah give u right path :)

  • @ my moony! hh that's your nickname from today! cus you're my sweet moon ;) ^__________^
  • @Smiling Moon: ehh right,dear....Allah yaghfiiroo donob :)

                                              love ya sweety! ;)

  • ameen & you're always welcome dear ;)
  • Thank you for this good topic.
    • You're welcome Salem :)
  • Alhamdullilah...

    Its of course great to hear.

    Islam it means submission of one to god almighty allah. Shirk is biggest sin in Islam that clearly define islam means relation between Allah& His creatures.

    It will give real peace becasue a muslim doesnt feel this world as the last world , it only a small stop between long journey.Here this world luxury & joy dont  worht much for a muslim.

    So whatever he gain-health,wealth,joy& anything..he remain same slave with obedience to Allah avoid sins& asking forgiveness fro sins.

        Whatever he loss- health,wealth,life& family it dont shake him . he will be obidient slave to allah by perfoming his order through prayers & deeds till he die.

        This will give real peace will begin from mind.& effect in action.


    Even great freedom fighter Mahthma Ghandhi called father of india- said that if india need a great ruler it should be like ruler [caliphat] ummer [R.A]...


    Islam can ensure peaceful life here in this world & world after death..


    Jazak Allahghair

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