My religion ^___^

Islam is my religion or maybe more than that now! It's all what I have & love :)...Im happy and proud of being muslim alhamdolillah :)!..actually, I was not cariing about this:(...just living with this life!! oups! muslim by name!..Im shamed to say this!:((..but,unfortunately,these is the bad truth!!..and I want to say that you will find the real hapiness & satisfaction in Islam!.:).. ok,dear sisters & brothers the goal of this discussion is to tell you that Islam isn't just religion of peace & love!!  but after what you think you hear, repent and invite people to embrace Islam is the true religion of Almighty know that any non-Muslim and non-believers are welcome while respecting each other and just be courteous in your comments thank you :)

                                  GOD bless you all  and protect you Ameeeeen :)

                                                                     Allah yahdiii aljami33 inshallah :)




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    • @Askar: Thank you friend for your comment,I really like your thinking & your words!.:))..God bless you!

                     wajazak allfa khayr :)

    • @ my smiliing moon: Your words are awesome!! like you dear;).....yeah,right...I hope that god will forgive us for our mistakes!...inshaallah :)^..

                                      yeah dear thnx for your super nice words!...God bless you sis :)


  • Hello MaNal by just saying that ISLAM is a religion of peace and love ,doesn't make it a religion of peace and love.......and how do you know that only Muslims get real satisfaction & happiness ?????? sorry to say that  but most of the Muslims say something and do something completely opposite ...........
    • @Narendra: when you know your god & know the reason why u're live!!...u will understand well what's life! and you can find this hapiness :)....ok, when you said that muslims do completely the opposite!!..I don't agree with you! you have to know difference between muslim by name & mulims real ones!!...and pls don't judge ppl..God who can do that!...and you can't talk about Islam if you don't know it well!...I want to tell you that Islam is more  than  religion of peace & love!!! :))....It's my religion!! I love it!! the way,thnx for ur comment!

                                      I hope that you will understand me!..and my religion too!:)

                                                                            Allah yahdii!!

    • .....My aim was not to hurt your or any others feelings ....I said what know and what believe in.....and do you mean by Muslims by name and one who are real Muslims.......I don't know much about ISLAM  but I know its followers ....I know you love your religion very much ,that's good....but accept the reality .............
    • @Narenda: I respect your opinion! but I want to tell that you who have to accept the reality!! not me!..yeah, u said what u believe in! you believe that ISlam is not good religion or what??!...I want you to know Islam very well,and Im veryy sure that if u do, you Will change your thinking about Islam at all! the way,tell me about your religion?
    • ....You seem to have misunderstood my opinion ,I never said that ISLAM is not a good religion ......I respect it ...but many of its followers have tarnished the image of ISLAM....They call themselves true Muslims but they do everything which is against the religion of ISLAM....and you must know who I am talking about the way my religion is HINDUISM........and I criticize my own religion if its followers do something wrong .........
    • @ Narendra: I don't think that I didn't understand you!..and you can't criticize islam because there are some ppl show it in bad way!!..u have to know Islam!...or the real mulims!..there are big difference between the fake one & the real!!....& don't care about what do those kind of i said: allah yahdii aljami33!


  • I hope that  Allah will forgive me! and all of you!!
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