My religion ^___^

Islam is my religion or maybe more than that now! It's all what I have & love :)...Im happy and proud of being muslim alhamdolillah :)!..actually, I was not cariing about this:(...just living with this life!! oups! muslim by name!..Im shamed to say this!:((..but,unfortunately,these is the bad truth!!..and I want to say that you will find the real hapiness & satisfaction in Islam!.:).. ok,dear sisters & brothers the goal of this discussion is to tell you that Islam isn't just religion of peace & love!!  but after what you think you hear, repent and invite people to embrace Islam is the true religion of Almighty know that any non-Muslim and non-believers are welcome while respecting each other and just be courteous in your comments thank you :)

                                  GOD bless you all  and protect you Ameeeeen :)

                                                                     Allah yahdiii aljami33 inshallah :)




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    • @Arif: happy to see what you wrote!...I like muslims who show their religion Islam :) you!...Im proud & happy for being muslim:)....Allah bless you & save you!

                                              wish you happy days :)....& thnx for the comment ^___^

    • @Uran: I like & respect what did you say!, I talked about something very great to me or mean alot :)..Im happy for this!..& you're right everyone have his own belief but if u see someone believe in something very wrong appear that him/her is ...... I don't know how to see it!..I mean if we guide them to the good & perfect way! it will be a great work!...that God will be happy for the way,my religion respect all the humans & religion too :)

                                  thnx for the nice comment!......god bless you :)

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    • @Mojahed: yeah alhamdulillah for being Muslims:)....proud to be muslim :) the way, I like your name " Mojahed"....thnx for the comment!

                                            Allah bless you :)

                                                                         have a nice day!

  • Thank you MANAL for this topic
    • @Baty: you're very welcome dear :)
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    • @LIny s: I feel so happy everytime when i see like those nice comments! about Islam :)!...yeah, It's the light of this life!...Allah yahdina jami3an! :)....

                                                               & yeah Ameeeeen ya rab!..Inchallah God always will help us dear!

                                                               god bless you!..thnx for the comment ^__^

  • @Gulzar: yeah, you're right:)...Im very proud about my religion ^________^!

                     thnx for the comment, & God bless you!


    Assalamu allikum sisters & brothers...


    Thank you for your appreciation.

    We are in each day improve & apply islam in our life ...Hope to climb heights in the Way Of Life -ALlah Given.

    I think Its alway to rigth to say word Way Of living - Instead Of calling religion.

    .....I couldnt see comments has I have not subscribe to Englishclub.


    • walikum essalam wa rahmato allah wa barakatoh!

      ...thnx for your comment bro :)!!.."I couldnt see comments has I have not subscribe to Englishclub"...i didn't understand what do u mean?!!.
    • thats , usually i used to get email alert when new comments were made in on blog i already commented, so i didnt recive any emial alert even after many perons commneted on this blog...that what i said
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