My first meeting with strangers

Well, hello everyone in My English Club. This could be our first meeting here. Now I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Guohua lee from China. I like dogs ,like retrievers. As far as i am concerned, language learning could be interesting and challenging. If u wanna be friends with me, i would really appreicate it. And this is my Skype ID: b3cc4b198a28fic9.

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  •  Hello, My name is Ameer and I am from Pakistan. I wanna be your friend. 


  • Hello 

  • I would like to contact with you? My ID is david santiago valero velosa. I´ll keep waiting if you want. Thanks

    • Sure ,David! But i can't find u on Skype. Maybe u can add my Skype ID,my friend.


  • Guohoa ni hao, wo ye shi, wo de zhong bu hao. Welcome to My EC. I really want to be one of your friends. I want to improve my poor Chinese. Thanks. 

    • Sure, u can have my Skype Id

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