If your country were represented by food, what food would you like your country be represented by?

And same question with an animal and a flower/plant/tree.


For my country (Spain), I would pick:

A food: Spanish Omelette. Simple, nice, and... who doesn't like potatoes?! :P 

An animal: I'd like it to be the Iberian Lynx.

A plant/flower: the red carnation.

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  • I already saw a Chilean representative here but I'll give my try for Chile :p

    A food: A Curanto, because it has all kinds of yummy in just one dish: shellfish, pork ribs, wiener, potatoes, a kind of boiled bread and of course the broth where it was cooked. It is traditionally cooked in a hole in the ground with hot stones, but it can also be cooked in a pot.


    An Animal: The long-tailed meadowlark, best known as LOICA around here. I just love how the intense red color in its chest. 

    There is a beautiful story explaining how the Loica got its beautiful bosom in reward for saving a bird-hunter who hurt himself with his shotgun while trying to hunt it.


    A plant/flower: Violets, because they're small and fragile but smell wonderfully nice, and they remind me a lot to my grandad garden .


  • Thanks Olga! ^_^

  • Hi Olga!
    Peanut soup! mmm... I like just how it sounds :)

    Oh yeah, llamas are very representative of Bolivia... I like llamas! :))

    I've looked for pics of that tree and woahhhh!! is amazing!!!

    I like your 'favs' of Bolivia, thanks a lot for sharing them with us!

    Btw, would be also cool to pick your favs about Russia... but since it's so huge I'm not sure if it would be easy! :)

  • Hi nan! I like that you pick your symbols 'cause of your personal taste, that's what I wanted with this discussion :) But you're right, Brazil is huge! Maybe you could also make your list only taking in mind your region (as Danny did with Florida, since US is so huge too), that would be interesting too :)

    Woah! that Feijoada is not a very 'light' dish haha... My stomach feels full just reading the ingredients :D But I'd love to try that cheese bread!!

    Oh!Uh! Your dessert!! I love it!! I feel sad when i see pictures of chocolate in internet and I can't eat it :(( I wanna eat that pic :((

    Oh yeah, that parrot is Brazil! :)
    And that yellow tree, how cool!! :))

    I've enjoyed your personal favs, thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  • Hi, Tam! What a wonderful pictures...

    Despite of not eating raw fish, it's a very colorful and nice dish...lol

    I loved it! Thanks for sharing...

  • Beautiful pictures Snow White...Great places to visit. Thank you for sharing!

  • I really enjoyed with this challenge, Mary! Thank you for the opportunity to share with all of you, my EC's friends, a little bit of my culture!!

    First of all, I'd like to say Brazil is a very large country... and  things change a lot from one region to another... There's a lot of diversity around here, what is great, I guess!!! Therefore, brazilian cuisine, fauna and flora are very, very rich!

    Sorry, but it was impossible for me to choose just one of each category, so I tried to choose the best options, allied to my personal preferences.

    Here I go!

    Food: "Feijoada". It's a very popular and tasty dish, made with black beans, bacon, sausage and some pig meats... Delicious!


    Brasil is very famous for its "cheese bread", also. Almost everybody in my country love "cheese bread" with coffee for breakfast, or just for a little snack! 2644130914?profile=original

    I couldn't stop introduce you to a fantastic dessert, too: "brigadeiro". A sweet made of condensed milk and powdered chocolate. Yummyyyyy!!!2644130888?profile=original

    Animal which represents Brazil: "blue parrot".


    Plant: I chose a kind of tree very famous named "Ypê". In the right season all leaves fall down and the tree looks covered just by flowers, which can be yellow, white, pink or purple. It's a pretty, pretty sight!


    I hope all of you are curious to see Brazil beauties!! Welcome!

    See you!

    (Sorry about some grammatical mistake!)

  • Hey Danny! I find very interesting that you give us another point of view as Ukrainian 'alien' :D

    I love the borscht soup, but I didn't know in Ukraine was made of tomato. I know the traditional Russian borscht made with beetroot. I've done that dish myself a couple of times, I love it and is a great dish for cold winter days :)

    That thing about pork also reminds me of my country a bit, 'cause here we say that every part of the pork can be eaten (meat, skin, fat, legs, nose, ears, guts... we have dishes of every part)
    Anyway, I quit from eating mammals meat (not only 'cause of sentimental reasons but also 'cause I don't really like that meat that much and neither digest it well --dunno if that's well said?) so that probably makes me a weird spaniard... and it'd make me a very bad Ukrainian too :D

    So vodka and beer... good mixture XD
    Btw, now that you mention chemistry and alcohol... Do you know if it true the 'myth' that says it makes you feel better to drink tomatoe juice when you've hangover?

    Oh, chestnuts! We have a lot in Spain too, and they are all in bloom now. But probably they are more like the ones you mention you saw in Paris, and not so huge like these ones.

    • Dear  Mary, I was about to beg your pardon for "occupying" your discussion with my crazy comments but....  I will not! So, that pickle is to be eaten after having any vodka. It is the best snack and only Ukranians can argue this issue! Hahhha!

      To drink tomato juice on hangover is senseless and useless! It is also senseless and useless to wash down vodka with it!

    • Oh no! I like all your comments and I'm learning many things! :D

      Uhm... I've to try that about eating a pickle after a vodka shot. But in my country pickles are preserved in vinegar, so I don't know if that makes it different...

      Okay so that what I've always heard about tomato juice and hangovers is just a myth, as I supposed. Thanks for making it clear ;)

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