Mobile sign in problem

Hello EC people!

Some technical help is needed.

After a long absence from EC, I found out that I have problem to sign in via mobile.

The message I get every time I try to sign in, is the following:

"Connection problem. A secure connection can not be created".

And when I push the OK button, an other message says:

"Webpage is not available. It might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Make sure you have a data connection - Reload this webpage later - Check the address you entered".

So, I am wondering what is going on. Is it a general problem that other members also have  or it is my mobile that has problem to connect?

I would be grateful if you could help me. :)

Oh, and one more question.

Why did the music disappear from our pages? Or is it me again that I can't see and listen to it? :/

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  • Dear Elen,

    Try asking for Technical HELP here. :)

    • Thanks, Onee-Chan :)

  • Hello guys, the problem with music just solved. I downloaded Adobe Flash and I can enjoy music now :)

    About mobile, there must be an issue with the security of the site or something like that. The same thing happened with my laptop today, just for a while.

  • I signed in from another laptop and what is understand is that it needs to have activate the Adobe Flash, otherwise you can't see and listen to music. So, I guess, when I went my laptop to be fixed for another reason, they removed the Adobe Flash...

    Thanks for your replies, Onee :))

  • Hi Onee. Yes, I changed it. I also tried to sign in from the links in the emails that Mr. Josef send us every now and then, but still. I don't understand the problem.

    Thanks, I hope the same :)

  • Music player feature has also been back since 10 May 2018.

    Maybe you should upload again. I don't know because I don't use that feature. ^^

  • Dear Elen,,

    Did you also change http:// to https:// ?

    MyEC changed to this more secure address some months ago. If the history of the app is not deleted, that will automatically go to the old address. 

    Actually, I write, and it brings me to the current MyEC address, which is ^^

    Welcome back! Hope to see you around. :)

    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • Hi Roman. Yes, I know about the change in the address. I was visiting the site until some time ago, normaly, from the mobile. 

    I didn't know that the music was removed. But now that it is back probably is my problem.

    Thanks for your reply, I will check all the possibilities.

    • You are welcome, Elen!

  • Hi Rosemary and thank you for your reply. I don't think that the type of my mobile is the problem because until some months ago I was visiting the site normaly, from my mobile. I really don't know what is the problem. As for the music, I can't see it even from the laptop, and I think it is because I had it in a store to be fixed for another problem and maybe they did something, I don't know. I will check it after my vacations.

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