• Oi, there

       I wanted to add some spice to NotAClue's comment, but since she has withdrawn it, there is nothing better for me to do but to zip up!

    • Found it! That was the second version, I guess. Actually I wanted to add something but then... well, dunno ... I lost motivation. So, fire away, Rys! ;-) 
      Hi, AVitorino, 
      I think none of these sentences will get you into trouble... ;) BUT if a native says that a person is easy, he/she may think that is someone people can easily take advantage of... Some people can't say NO, or are a bit naive... BTW If someone calls you an 'easy girl', or says that 'you are easy', this has a whole different meaning! So if you wanna express that you are a relaxed / laid-back person I would go with Miya's first suggestion. 'I'm an easy-going person' or your second example.

      Welcome to EC! :)

    • Ohhhh... I'm sooo sorry, Rys... Damn, I'm not an easy person. :P 

    • LOL, NotAClue, don't worry, be happy and don'cha become an easy person... even a rose has lots of thorns....;-)


    • Miss you rys!

    • So do I...

  • The other ways to say this

    1. I am an easygoing person

    2. I am easy to get along with  

    • Thanks. 

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