• My personal style of learning is everywhere possible. Using completely different sources with unique ways of presentation, completely different examples, etc., where only the rules are common, I memorize them. However, for me personally, at my level (upper-intermediate), it is important to periodically repeat more difficult topics (for me these are especially constructions with Continuous tenses and Conditionals).

    I can't recommend any book, because I don't have it personally. I take advantage of the kindness of one of the EC` members, when we are studying together:).  I had a textbook when I`ve been studied, but after that I had a long break with English, and currently I don't know where this book is. Moreover, it was in English-Russian. I can't claim, that the best option for learning is bilingual textbook, but if you are beginner, it is almost requirement.
    We live in such a wonderful time, where you can use resources both online and in print. I think, online resources are greatly spread in Internet, so, everybody may choose at least one by him(her)self.

  • Hi. 

    I recommand Basic Grammar in use, propagated by Cambridge, and the following levels of it, Elementary, pre-intermediate and so on. 

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    I have the same book, "Azar" but I have to admit that I find the internet very easy searching for any grammar topic. 

    Of course, needs vary from person to person. Especially those who want to take the IELTS exam need textbooks.

  • My suggestions:








  • I'm fond of Matt Errey's writing 


    • Thanks Shaheen, do you have this e-book? If yes, would you mind to share with us especially me?

    • This book is idioms which is not "basic" English grammar but has to do with understanding expressions used by Native Speakers.  Just so you know.  It helps understand native speakers who use idioms but won't help improve basic English writing or speaking.

    • You can buy it from EC book store. Price is very cheap. Thanks for your interest. 

    • Thanks for useful recommendation :))

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