• I'm fond of Matt Errey's writing 


    • Thanks Shaheen, do you have this e-book? If yes, would you mind to share with us especially me?

    • This book is idioms which is not "basic" English grammar but has to do with understanding expressions used by Native Speakers.  Just so you know.  It helps understand native speakers who use idioms but won't help improve basic English writing or speaking.

    • You can buy it from EC book store. Price is very cheap. Thanks for your interest. 

    • Thanks for useful recommendation :))

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  • Betty Azar is pretty good especially for general grammar.  And as you indicated that you are starting to learn it should be suitable.

    As an English teacher I have a ton of material but much of it would not be available in Thailand.  Cloze & Proofreading 45 is a series from Hong Kong that I used for grammar because it had great tables that illustrated the ideas.

    Once my group is "approved" feel free to ask questions there

    • Okay, I will be there 😁😁

  • I do not remember which book I used when I was learning grammar. However, I have been using Google a lot!

    That time, I wish I could squeeze the whole material turned into a glass of juice and drank it. 

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