• It is okay to marry an older woman. if a woman dies, man immediately marries another woman. But when a man dies, woman are left alone in houses. So man should also accept children of other man if he marries a woman and vise versa.

  • I have come across this discussion which I think needs a candid response is that if the older woman can bear a baby, then it can be acceptable and there shouldn't be any harm in marrying with that woman, but in case of infertility, the purpose of marriage fades away.  

  • Life is too short to worry about such a thing, a good encouragement :).

    Love is a beautiful and wonderful thing, it comes and touches you one time but will last for a life time. If it's really a love, then don't let it go.
  • It depends on the age difference. If you marry someone 20 years older, there is a chance they will leave you earlier so you will be a widow or widower. But does it matter if you accept the consequences of age different relationships?

    I'd marry either a younger woman or an older woman depending on how well we got on together - how compatible. Life is too short to worry about such things. 

  • I think It's awesome that such men having that kind of intention toward  women, who probably have something special in them much enough to win their age and appearance.

  • it is totally refused in the eastern societies. even if the difference is one or two years. but i didn't see one of such couples failed in their marriage. moreover; they build the most successful families in the society, although it is allowed in our religion. a comprehensive, open minded and lovely couple will succeed whatever the other's think about the issue in genera.     

  • i think it s a matter of coherence,not at all a matter of age..but if the question is about why??its hard to say a reason..some in love indeed,some for private reasons,some for just making things done procedure..
  • Hello Chandra !

    I think that a younger male may have older female life partner. It happens and there is no problem in it as regards to acceptance of each other from both sides is concerned. But, younger female partner is preferred . Thanx

    • Thanks for your comment, Cool boy. :)

  • Hello Chandra
    I think it is better not to happen.
    But surely there is some special situations in most cases, and it depends on those persons themselves to find the best way.
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