• Simple reply- "No" :)
    If you have some choices to marry an inexperienced candidate for this job, apply for him at once. :). Otherwise, your job will also be terminated the way previous employees had been fired from that job.

    Best of luck :)
  • Firstly, Get the reasons why he divorced.

    If it was unavoidable like widowed, It's ok, but otherwise,

    I suggest you to not marry him unless you want divorce.

  • Look , Like Luci , first you should investigate that what was the purpose of the devorce and think can it also become the reason you yours ?

    If yes then don not marry with him .
    and also ask about the reasonn from the nboth girls too.

  • It depends on you and him.

    The man might said "I want, you are the last, no more"

    Sometimes a couple maybe being divorced because of incompatibility. Sometimes one found about her/his bad (very bad things) that can't be accepted by him/her. 

    My opinion is....identify him well. Talking is better. If you know his good and bad before married and tolerate his bad as something you can accept. Why not?

    But if you feel that he still hide something, I think you should think twice to marry him. Wish you have a good decision. :)

    • Hi.. I had bad experience with a guy who divorced twice. We had plan to marry, but we broke up because he cheated on me.
      So, If you wanna have plan to marry with the guy who divorced twice, I think you should knowing about his personality and don't trust him 100 percent, like Lady anna said that don't be under the spell of his charm most of the time.
      And also I agree with Onee chan opinion..
      Honestly, I am not recommend. But I suggest you to thinking clearly before late. just follow your heart. okay..

      Have a nice day ^_^

  • Although at first time it would make me think, if I felt really in love with her and vice versa then why not? But surely not with 'papers' or laws that attach us, why not just living together? well, this also depends on our expectations or future plans.
  • actually ,it is hard to give a advice ,do you love him?if you love him,why dont you try?life is short,dont hesitate ,follow your heart.

    • I agree to that....give him a chance, what if he wanted to make it work with u now? If u love him then u shouldn't have questioned ur love for him. Life is too short to waste. Why don't you try? What if it will work for the both of u and u gave ur back on him before you try? It hurts more to regret. But if it doesn't work, then u can go, at least u tried. And just take it as one of the lessons in ur life. If he makes you feel loved and happy, and ur contented with him then at least try to be with the man you love. God bless sis!
  • Why the one divorced twice? Aren't there the initiators.  In our society this kind of person is named as women eater.

    Anyway, Luci's and Anne's comments/suggestions have weight. Ponder over them. 

  • Even I would be contemplating too much whether to marry that man or not.  Being divorced once is enough to make you a hesitant decision.  How much more of being divorced twice!  You might probably be thinking that there must be something wrong with this man.  

    I can read your mind.  We might even have the same questions playing in our minds.  I guess you are afraid that you might land in the same situation as his former wives are in now.  

    Well, you really have to play like agent 007 here.  Study this man's character very well.  Don't be under the spell of his charm most of the time.  And most of all, remember that your brain is higher than your heart.

    Your future is at stake, Dammam!

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