Marriage and Age

Hey there! 

I have a question guys and according to your traditions and society answer it then with your point of view.. :)

As a man, can you marry a woman who is elder than you? 

Also,  as a woman, can you marry a man who is younger than you?


What are the things that you will focus on them to overcome this point for accepting this marriage? 

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  • Hello,according to my society tradition it's not common to marry with a woman who is older... man i can, in condition that she wil not be older than me too much...(about 5 years).

    •  love can makes us accept this marriage
  • Well, in my country it is practiced,  women are younger than their men! If it happens other way, i,e, husband is younger than his woman, it still  looks too odd so it would be tough to stand  those gossips around among the relatives to friends and neighbours!Though, I know there are no restrictions in the religions even in my religion too. But, it is not common or practiced in our society. Even, we like to see wife is shorter than her hubby!

  • you thought marriage without love is not important that uuu what said , love is overcome anything and accepting anything for men and woman love is thing mean anything possible that my opinion for him  and i hope woman and men built a big love between him for overcoming all things 

  • hey judy 

    at first in love and marriage forget traditions as u can

    the most important thing here is understanding if they have the amity they can overcome anything  

  • Hi there,

    It's getting trendy lately in my country. In my opinion, women should be more careful about the age-gap because younger men can be perceived as a jerk after marriage! It's not a "One-size-fits-all" rule though. hahaha

  • In my country (Pakistan) there has no restrictions  but as the same time its not so common here to a man to get married with an older lady, they prefer younger lady (mostly in arrange marriages).

    As for me I also prefer to get marriade with an older guy, as I think that they are more mature (Just my opinion). 

  • Security!

  • Interestingly, the incumbent President of France Emmanuel Macron married Brigitte Trogneux -the mom of one of Emmanuel´s class-mates-. Brigitte was born in 1953 while Emmanuel was born in 1977.  

  • If both sides(couples) are on the same page, there is no problem. As a matter of fact, we are human we shouldnt live what other people think about us.If they love eachother and respectful, so what is wrong? who cares societies thoughts. 

  • The answer is yes As a Man I can marry a woman who is elder than me, and we have some examples from peoples and marriages that surround us,

    In marriage what matter most is love nothing else, If she loves you and you are sure that you also love her then age is just a number.

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