main room has problem


my main room does not work  is white and i cant recive  and see massage .i use some anti filter but ....   . i change my windows  and browser  but ..... . when i use another device or laptop or phone it work  .what do i do?

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • I don't think we have any reports of blocking from Oman.

      BUT, when you face problems like this, it will help to get a response if you do two important things:

      1. Describe the problem in detail. Preferably also upload screenshots.

      2. Report what operating system (Windows 7, Mac OS X etc, desktop, notebook, tablet, phone etc) and browser (Firefox, Chrome etc) you are using.

      If you can supply that information we may be able to suggest the cause of the problem :)

  • I'm sorry you are having this problem. It is due to your location, and is something that is not in our power to fix. Most of our members from Iran cannot access chat. Please talk to some other members from Iran to see if they have any suggestions for you.

This reply was deleted.