Lying Hidden

Today there was a man ringing the doorbell in front of my house , Later I  knew that the man was our family worker .

A few minutes passed , I noticed that there was someone with him hiding behind the bush .

Why was she staring at me through a hole in the bush ?


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  • How crazy and childish this woman was!

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    I suppose she was curious about who you are. She followed her husband because she wanted to find out if her husband was more to you than just a family worker.
    Next time you should ask her directly what she wants. Her behaviour was ridiculous. 


    • After two eyes hidden in the bush got information then my clothing , hair , makeup styles , etc became subjects of gossip :)
      When workers are near my ears can detect sound perfectly even though I don’t have attention .
      Our workers conversations are full of gossip and they prefer to start gossip rather than to improve life quality. I don’t waste my energy on that things because i have more important things to do .
      I added a discussion because I had a little wonder about human behavior and I could get some opinions )

    • I like the colour of her retina..👀

  • Why? :S 


      Why is Why ? :S

  • hmm.. maybe she is lover of your husband.. so she wanted to see, by her own eyes,  how looks like her rival :d

    hhh.. woman curiousity... killed the cat,, cats..))

    (kidding, ofc))

    • take my husband and I will date with Iron Man :)


      • Oh ! my meaning is that woman in the bush takes my husband not you )

      • Ohh that much impossible?? )))

        • Nothing impossible!)

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