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  • Getting love...
    Money can't buy love, happiness..
    If you are rich but alone what will you do with money..
    But if you have love(not alone, have true relations)and no money , then life can be lived happily..
    Giving and getting LOVE is importantthen eeverything..
  • Getting love off course,love is more important we can't live without it. Many people have too much money but there life is miserable because they can't find love . Love means happiness and peace.
  • One can earn money at any time but one cannot earn love at any time..we cannot earn love like we earn money.. is all about love ,understanding,caring and happiness is love.. we cannot buy good understand and care with money :) one should have enough money to run his or her life but money shouldn't run his or her life.. it will ruin all our happiness one day..
  • but what if you do not have bread to eat ,that time you really need to make money rather than love because love can not buy happiness all time,

  • well said even i believed the same .love cant buy happiness all time.

  • One can earn money by working, but love can not be earned.

    So love is more important,

    In addition, when someone has love, He/she can work more efficiently and earn more money, because he/she is in good mood.

  • Both.

    There is no love when you are hungry. (Also a heading of one of my blogs).

  • Love with money Hah hah haaa!
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