• Hi Sandeep,

    Sometimes we meet someone who loves someone else ,either girl or boy.But it seems that all my friends's views are against this kind of love.

    BTW, thanks Sandeep for your comment :)

    • Nope! Asma you are very true.. Haha! Well I always have 50% in my life. So, I can understand you. :) That's why I told you that it is window shopping, you don't have enough money to buy things, just stay outside the window and feel pain. :) 

  • I agree with my Bro's Question ... what kind of work are you looking from from this one sided love ?? 

    If you find the answer i think you will find if it work or not 

  • It can work for someone who can tolerate the situation to the max........but how heavenly it would feel if your love is reciprocated.

  • what kind of "work" do you expect from love? Is love supposed to do some kind of work?

    one-sided love cannot work if you think it is supposed to work like the wheels of a car..(although love should not mean to be this way).. if they are on one side and not on the other then obviously you are not going anywhere.
  •  First of all,we need to know who loves more from one side man or wman ?

     I guess  a wman loves more from one side than a man .because  naturally a wman is so shy than man,so she keeps her love inside herself till gets the suitable chance to tell what she feels .

    It is something turturing her because a wman is more romantic than a man .

  • I can only say these three things about one-sided love.

     1.) It's not working.

     2.) It remains painful memories.

     3.) It's enough to make you crazier.... :/

  • Hi ymn pearl,hhh triangle love new word  :)

    BTW, thanks for your comment......i wish you good love story dear ;)

  • It's painful especially if the other side was in love with someone else. (triangle love) :D 

    So, it is better to overcome such love.. 

  • Hi sandeep, you had a wonderful description........

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