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  • Thanks Onee.

  • Great quote!

    Optimism should be there in every mind.

  • Thanks Rose, these all are wisdom quotes.

  • Thanks bet, you know you do think that way, because you have a viewpoint of what you see around you.

  • You are right Svitlana our should always be at ahead.


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    • Lol, NotAClue.

      I did not say I live up to this. I am not perfect. Perfection is boring. I live with my limits and mistakes but I never regret anything because what doesn't kills me makes me strong.

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        • There is always a lesson. When you says "Maybe I'm wrong," you have learned.

  • Wise saying, dear Mishaikh. But unfortunately our camera is getting older day by day and we can't exchange it to up-to-date one.

  • waooooo....I did not think in this way..


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