• Nice to see you again, misha

  •       (And if things don’t work out take another shot) really it is good advice but, unfortunately, some times We can’t. No matter the effort we did. God bless you my friend. 

  • SMILE!Killing-Joke-Joker-with-Camera.jpg

  • Thanks Onee.

  • Great quote!

    Optimism should be there in every mind.

  • Thanks Rose, these all are wisdom quotes.

  • Thanks bet, you know you do think that way, because you have a viewpoint of what you see around you.

  • You are right Svitlana our should always be at ahead.


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    • Lol, NotAClue.

      I did not say I live up to this. I am not perfect. Perfection is boring. I live with my limits and mistakes but I never regret anything because what doesn't kills me makes me strong.

    • There is always a lesson. When you says "Maybe I'm wrong," you have learned.

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