Hello everyone. Here is a story that I want to share with you. But this story has a problem to solve. I haven't been able to solve it so far. 

I tell the story.

There were three men who loved one single girl. 

One man came for the first time and proposed to marry the girl and if she accepted he would do all that she wanted.

The second man came and said to the girl " Without you I can't live my dear. Please marry me"

The third man also came and said to her " For you I can do whatever. Even killing myself"

The three guys showed how much they loved the girl.

The girl's parents being really confused said to the three men to come the next day. The one who'll come first will marry their daughter.

The next day, they all came together. But unfortunately the girl had died the night before.

One of the men killed himself and fell near the girl's body. 

They burnt the two bodies.

Another guy gathered the cash and said he will protect it till he dies. The last one said he will walk till he dies. 

The guy walked walked and walked thousand kilometers.  He came to a village scorching. He asked to have water to drink. A young boy brought him water. 

But the boy's mother was a very mean lady. When she noticed her son had given water to someone, she slapped her son and he died at once. 

The man so touched said to the lady " My dear, you only killed your son because he gave me water?"

The man took a cloth and wrapped the boy's dead body. But all of a sudden the boy came back to life.

The guy remembered at once about the girl he wanted to marry. 

He then went back running day and night.

When he got there he found the guy who held the ash  since the girl had died.

He wrapped the ash and surprisingly the girl and the man who killed himself woke up. 

This is the end of the story. 

By the way who should normally marry the girl?

I'm waiting for your answers.



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  • who are we  to decide who should marry the girl :D. she has the authority to select any of them :) However, I would suggest her to marry the man who gives life to her. 

    • Well, someone in the same boat 😁

      High five!  :)))

  • hhh what a choice: dumb, dumber or dumbest.. 8783048472?profile=RESIZE_180x180poor girl.. she rather died then married to one of those three man..

    agree with NotAClue, the boy, who gives water to a stranger, is her fortune..

    In future, there is a good chance this guy become rightful having good maners.

    He wont allow himself to do stupides ( as those three guys)  for anyone, even for love of his wife or parents if the are wrong..

    He will be able to make right decisions,by self,  no matter who will not like it..

    Soo..we can suppose, from this short story,  he is quite inteligent, brave, rightful, generous.. he wont let his mother mess up in his marrige.. :)

    well.. thats good for a start.. ))

    I am voting for this guy

  • Okay, let's follow Peony's lead and try to answer this in a well mannered way. Sure, Rose and OM did too. I was the only one who was trying to make fun of the situation but I will explain later why. - When I make this story a theoretical construct which could be solved (theoretically) with logic... I'd say she should marry the BOY. 

    1. The boy, who gives water to a stranger, didn't obey his mother's/parent*s wishes and dies because of the cruelty of his mother.

    2. The parents of the girl were also cruel. They said: "The one who'll come first will marry their daughter." They didn't consider her wishes. The next day she is dead, so, as everything in this story is implied I'm just going ahead and implying this: she died for the same reason.

    3. Death is usually a metaphor for important change in mythology (for example to overcome yourself you have to die metaphorically).

    4. So one could say, they have two things in common. a. Not obeying their parents when it's not beneficial to life. b. Paying the price for following their hearts. 

    5. Considering which man's behavior could be a clue for a good marriage... I will choose: having the same core values. Also, having been through common experiences is a good thing for mutual understanding. So I'm adding the boy into this equation.

    6. Now, I could make a case for the three men as well. Why marrying one of them could make sense... but I've chosen to give a new perspective and also to see things that are most important from my subjective perspective. 


    Trying to make fun of a situation is my way to deal with cruelty and not taking people's feelings into account. Greetings :)

    • Dear Nota, did you mean the girl supposed to marry the boy who gave water to stranger?

    • Yep! And to explain my personal choice: Words and deeds to proof love are not important to me, but living/being love in everyday-life. So that's why I choose this. And, well, she is a girl, he is a boy... they will have some nice chats about being dead and so... give them some time to grow up a lil bit ... and fall in love like it should be... Happy ever after... 

      Of course, others may disagree with this. It's all very theoretical, right? Have a nice evening! :)

    • Dear Nota, I am rooting for you to be a matchmaker between this girl and that boy hahaha

      Let's wait for further voting.  I wonder, who is gonna be a happy groom! :))))

  • I ponder and ponder.  I didn't see information about the girl's feeling.  So I sadly should put it aside.

    Cut it short, if the question who should marry the girl? I choose the man who finally brings back the girl to life.  He is not only proving his feeling but turn them into significant action. This man also realistic. He knew the dead body was burnt. So he honestly didn't know what to do. He ended up surrender but then quickly seize opportunity when it came. Marriage requires this quality.

    The second man who killed himself, he's sincere in his unquestionable love. But, not smart enough.  Well, inadequate LOL.

    I don't get the drift when it comes to the first man. What the hell on earth has he done? "Another guy gathered the cash and said he will protect it till he dies".  What is this? What's the point of collecting cash and be a guard of it? Or maybe I missed something here? lol

    Well, all above only my perspective. Good news, no such things in real life haha.



    • >>>I don't get the drift when it comes to the first man. What the hell on earth has he done? "Another guy gathered the cash and said he will protect it till he dies". 

      That's the same person. He is gathering the ashes/ash (there is just a typo) and wants to protect "her" till he dies. 

    • Thanks a lot Nota 🙏🏻. How innocent I've been for literally believe that man gather the cash 🙈🙈. It makes me can't connect the dots  😅😅. 

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