• Definitely.

  • You guys and gals are right about that true words are always better than fake ones. But I half agree with Lucinka about those people who prefer to hear fake promises. And I can explain it by "Helpline" (or in Ukrainian language "The phone of trust"). The people who think about suicide can change their intentions after hearing fake promises or exaggerated truth. I think in that case fake promises or exaggerated truth are good.

  • "A Clear Rejection is always better than a Fake Promise"... that's true and always the best how to treat people. If we know we can't hold our promise, we should not give it to anyone. It's a lie and it destroys trust. Lost trust getting back is almost impossible. We don't measure people by what they promise but by that what they do. That's my way.

    The following quote is short, clear and true:

    “A 'NO' does not hide anything, but a 'YES' very easily becomes a deception.”
    (― Søren Kierkegaard)

  • Very true Luci. I have always find you 'true' inside outside. Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks for the comment and pointing me out my err. Actually sometimes my eyes do not comply with my thinking and vice verse. 

  • Fully agree... we should have guts to accept the reality - no matter, how painful it is and people who treats us with sincerity - these are real friends because fake promises keep us in fake devastating hope.. unfortunately there are people, who prefer fake promises - it is like postponing pain which one day will hurt them. So to me instant truth with sincere words is better than fake empty words and naive believing in them ...
  • Good thinking and attitude Rosemary. Keep yourself that way, always.

  • I don't like to say things I can't do . Because , I believe that each person should be accountable for his words . Even when I don't like some people I avoid them , I don't talk much with them but I try not to hate them . I hate fake word and promises. There a hurtful deception :( . Me myself I perfer to hear the truth no matter how bad or hard is it than being lied about

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