Life is too short to waste it. There are times that we make wrong decisions in life but the important thing is we learn something with it.


I made a mistake of not paying attention to a friend while she's giving me her ample time. Maybe because I was thinking of anything else rather than focusing on what she's saying. I should have listened to her and gave her a good advice... I learned a valuable lesson, that I will always listen and pay enough attention to someone talking to me... that's why we have two ears and one mouth. Good thing we're still friends...


Have you made a mistake and learned something from that experience? I'll appreciate your thoughts. Thanks....

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  • Hello sami, thank you for the effort in replying here. Whatever mistakes we made in the past, always consider it as a learning experience. Hope you doing good.
  • Hi rose, thank you for your opinion, accepting our mistakes means we're humble enough to face the consequences and learn from them. Take care...
  • Hi sushma, I hope you're doing great. Thanks for taking time to respond on our discussion. You're right what's important is to learn something on our mistake and not to do it again. We should learn from the mistakes of others too. Keep safe...
  • we tend to make mistakes.... owing to our mistakes we learn to live and be more careful in the next time.
  • You are right Mr.Robert,Life is too short to waste it.There is nothing wrong and nothing right.It is the time which is responsible.A wrong decision at the right time becomes the right decision and a right decision at the wrong time becomes the wrong decision. we are human beings ,children of Adam And Eva doing mistakes is our nature .Every time when we do a mistake ,we learn a lesson and donot repeat the mistake.As life is too short and we have to do a lot for our family , our society and our country.'Forget past and start a new day with idea" should be our motto.

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