I try to start this Discussion Title by thinking to people who their native speaking (language )is English ,and a teacher who travel many country by her self very support to this idea ,for people no finance support but can assist to social media can do like that (Learn culture from native English speaking )How ?? 

Inviting friend to visiting to your place ,but you have to busy to introduce your culture to them because their interesting and learn fast .

Sure ,I believe you will speak very good and correctly English if you know why native speaker think on that way and they say like that ,I tried ask back to them .

Learn from social media ? Not easy to understand culture and the group is not permanent .they shift to other website very fast and new website was create every hours .

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  • Hi Poo La....By birth i belong to a village with all sorts of cultural beliefs on various Gods with a mix of various castes and sub castes .By career i served 35 years in various towns in my state after which i am spending my knowledge and experience in the village for improving soft skills including language skills to student community. Major challenging is the process of social engineering where we have to make them unite by reducing their divisions and infightings for social reasons . That is the color of many villages here.I am waiting for the turn of my next generation who are spread all over the world getting a good blend of various cultures from where they live. TI hope things may change when they return back to villages at their senior citizen life. I tell this b'cause i see this here at Chicago USA where my kids and grand children mix up well with china  and american neighbors. Let's share more views like this ,bye.Kirubanithi 

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