• Oi Tim ! My news I've got today is unbiased . Examp : Inflation has been a growing topic of concern for most investors in recent months .The last inflation figures are well above central bank targets in both the US and Canada . (from  the news) Never consider news biased .

  • I do not currently believe in impartiality. The truth always demands a position from the writer or narrator. A blessed week for you and your family!

    • All are partial but there is a difference between taking a stand and presenting information as "fact" which is nothing but opinion.  I was taught to separate think from know.

    • I have learned that what a man thinks and knows may remain with him, but when he publicly exposes it with a purpose, he takes a stand in the face of reality.Thank you!

  • Not sure if there ever was truly impartial "news", but certainly the news today is getting so slanted it will soon be horizontal

    • No but I'm old enough to remember when news at least made some effort to present information from all sides and identify opinion as opinion.

      Everyone has biases but when you realize what your bias is it allows you to understand you may not be seeing it clearly.

    • Well put

  •  Unbiased? The corporate owned mass media? Yes, yes... of course... 



    • or possibly...

      We are drowning in knowledge but starved for wisdom 🤔

    • drowning in information maybe rather than knowledge

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