Have you ever experienced the situation, when somebody you considered a friend of yours betrayed you? In real life it of course hurts so much but what about in virtual life?Some people behave on the Internet irresponsibly, anonymously, which give them special power to be more rude, two-faced or not trustworthy. It is all about, how mature people are and if they can communicate in polite way with others - don't you think?Some people say virtual people shouldn't be taken so seriously but aren't they the same people with feelings like these real ones next to you?So, I just wonder, why there are people, who misuse virtuality, play with others and eventually think.. pff this isn't real, it is just some stupid virtuality and I am killing my boredom here...What do you think about it, guys? Do you have such experience?

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    • I'm impressed you used "whom" and used it correctly; so few do today.  A bad person can be nice btw


    A person who is rude, deceiver, lier,.......in virtual world, he/she is an inherently bad person and must be rejected.

  • As Eleanor Roosevelt said ""No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." and that is true whether the person be virtual or in real life.

    How easily you are hurt emotionally in the real world probably indicates how easily you will be hurt emotionally in the virtual world.  The biggest difference is that you can NOT be hurt physically in the virtual world though you could be hurt financially.  In the real world, you can be hurt physically, emotionally and financially.

    In both worlds, take care whom you trust.

    • Yes but when they come to you they move from virtual to real.  They cannot directly harm you physically in the virtual world (yet) although emotional damage could result in physical - that is indirectly and it would depend on how easily you are harmed emotionally.


  • They can, Luci. At least I think so. People behind the screen are real same as in real life. I tend to trust people and think only the best of them..and they do hurt not being that good as I imagined them. But...I guess it's all our own fault...not to expect too much from those who do not care about other people's feelings.  It all depends on our personality. 

    The discussion was posted a long time ago...but I still think it might be pretty actual. Haven't seen you active for ages. Wishing you the best.

    • Thanks for replying, Olga..honestly I was reading it and felt a bit surprised I posted something like that 😅 guess someone had to make me sad and furious .. anyway yeah no expectations make us less vulnerable...

      P.S. I'm active and alive! 😉

  • It has never happened to me, really. I am not one to trust others, so it's reeeeeally hard for me to get my feelings and interest involved in a relationship. Even more if the other person isn't tangible.
    BUT one day while I was getting to know my boyfriend (via messenger because we live in different countries. We were just friends there) he started asking me "are you who you say you are for real? are you as old as you say you are?" Is this the real life ? Is this just fantasy?

    Both he and I are honest people, so we were pretty straightforward with our lifes.
    But he had a virtual friend what suddenly told him that everything she had ever told him about her life was a lie. She didn't live in the city she said, she was a couple of years younger, her family history wasn't as she told him (it actually was like a soup opera, with guns and mortal illnesses). But the truth is she just wanted to be liked and wanted to seem interesting. So she made everything up.

    I did get to chat with her, but as I said before, I never really cared much, so I wasn't affected by all the drama.

  • I am agree with you Luci, there's a lot of people doesn't care about others on virtual world and take it as a game or fun, he\she will type some words and go to continue their life peacefully with dead conscience, unfortunately i faced some .

  • Thank you too! Rahul bhai!

  •  The internet world is like the real one . There are good people and bad people so the people who are in real

    can hurt you or cheat you are like those one who are on internet can also hurt you ,so we should be careful when dealing with real and virtual people .

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