Western countries have invested in China and made a profit from the investment and selling goods to Chinese people. They are attracted to many cheap laborers in China and the big Chinese market. China has developed as a world factory, absorbing skills from western countries' investment. The relation between the West and China was good. However, it has changed because of China's totalitarian practices, such as the violation of human rights against Uighur, the law that regulates freedom in Hong Kong, and a strong desire for the expansion of their territory. The West had given priority to their economic profit over denouncing China's totalitarian practices. However, they seem to be beginning to think that denouncing China's totalitarian practices is more important than their economic profit.

Investment from western countries is important to develop the economy for China. If the relationship between the West and China gets worse and western countries stop investing in China, the Chinese economy will not develop. However, the Chinese government doesn't seem to change their totalitarian practices. Is this the beginning of the new cold war?

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  • Arigato Tam! The Chinese are clever. They might take control. Nice topic.

    • Hi, Dara. Thank you for your comment.

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