• Teaching is a science which is very artistically handled to de-secrete the secretes of life.

  • depends on what you are teaching

  • Personally, I believe teaching is not only an art but also a science. In term of an art, I think it is the method of communication with students or the ways to get student's participation to the lessons. This means a teacher may good at the knowledge of the subject; however, if they could not know how to inspire it to the students, they will surely fail to get them understand the lessons and students will definitely become imitators. In some ways, teaching sounds like the art of communication, but more special, it's the art that helps people understand the target knowledge truly. On the other hand, when talking about a science, I get into the ideas that any lessons that a teacher teaches his/her students are on a system of complex knowledge which has handed down from generation to generation. The knowledge that teachers teach students is not something that we invent by ourselves, but something that is occupied by many many other people all over the world. All in all, talking about teaching means talking about an art and a science simultaneously.

  • Teaching is both art and science. A science firt, because the transmission of knowloedges requires a serious pedagogy. And an art, because the teacher (a good teacher!) seems playing an improvised role while he/she's talking with learners.

  • Dear Francisco and mates,

    Sorry, because I’m late. I’ve just joined EC

    I agree, both art and science take us by the hand into good teaching.

    Science, because the main aim must be to rack another student’s brain. So it needs relevant technique. I must admit I’m strongly in favour of cognitive process. By parallel, art, due to the fact that outstanding performances by teachers are always in front of an audience, and social skills are mandatory to manage that with the former point I said before.

    Best wishes; Julio

  • Thank you everyone for your prompt reply to my open question. Believe it, your comments are going to be of great relevance for my students, as I teach Methodology. Thank you indeed.

  • I think two different answers are impossible here. Everyone is right. Jeffrey Raven is the best of course. He gave his points and proved them as a real scientist. I couldn't have done better. I only wish he could have versified his thoughts then it would have been a real art=) 

  • Hello Francisco,
    I wanted to give my view about your open question.Teaching is both an art and a science. An art because it employs styles and techniques which a teacher must have.Every teacher has his own way of delivering the lesson in order to effect learning. On the other hand, it is also a science which that styles and techniques a teacher used is based from laws and theories of education.
  • It is both an art and science at the same time.

  • I second Jeffrey's viewpoint, only he expresses it much better than I could.

    We also need to remember that the objective of teaching is learning :)
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