Way back, I always insists on my parents whatever I like. But when I grew up, I thought that its not always good to get what you want just because you were just a spoiled brat. Always having my way is not challenging, no sense of accomplishment, no goals, no life. It leaves me unfulfilled :( :( what about you?

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  • Er......... I was everything else but a spoiled brat. So, I have no idea how it is to get (always) my way.
    And maybe this is why I feel grateful for so many things every day other people don't even notice. :)

  • It happens, and it is normal also, but it always prior to your gettiing matured.  Once you get matured, and start to see the circumstances with matured eyes, everything gets changed, and we become able to vision the reality.  But sometimes circumstances (especially financial constraints) make us matured at the earlier stage.  

  • thanks for your comment @arif, have a nice day ahead :D

  • Self-loving makes you considerate and defensive but when self loving makes you callous, it means selfishness 

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