Does population grow typically?

It has taken 300,000 years for the human population to become, one billion. But it has taken only 130 years for it to become two billions and 15 years for it to become four billions. It proves that we had't tread to a pattern. The population has increased rapidly.  The number of organisms in a natural population changes with time according to a particular pattern.

According to the Typical population growth curve, We should pass the Slow growth phase, High growth phase, Declerating phase and Stationary phase  respectively. But we are still in exponential phase(High growth phase). Increasing of birth rate and decreasing of death rate are the main two reasons for this rapid growth. Birth rate exceeds death rate. The development of technology, progress in medical field and high rate of food production are some of the reasons for high population growth.

However, my problem is when we touch the carrying capacity?When  the birth and death rates get balanced? If the technology has affected for this high population growth, should we decrease using technology? Should we minimize the development of medical field? When we fill the Typical population growth curve? A burning problem....

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  • Such an interesting topic. Let's have a biological view. There should be a balance in the population of all species in nature. No matter if it's the men or any specific animal or microorganism. The mother nature has its own ways to keep this balance. Of course we are the wise species and we induce technology in our life but an genetic mutation in a tiny virus can easily become a danger for us the way it is now. There should be a balance between all species and that's the only way we can survive. Extinction of any species leads us one step closer to extinction of human beings. So I think if the technology is being used in a protective way for the nature, we can have the hope of living longer, nevertheless I don't think technology can save us. 

    • yes sohella.. Technology can help us. but can't save us. I agree with you.. Your perception on my discussion is exactly correct. Thanks for the wise comment.

      • your welcome

    • Yes exactly what you said correct bcz technology never save us, we need to control ourselves as we protect nature than only good for people..

      • yes, exactly.

  • The main reason to decreasing death rate is the development of medical facilities. In our past, there weren't good medical facilities and often there were deaths due to pregnant deliveries. Sometimes the kid dead and sometimes the mother or both... However due to that factor birth and death rates got balance naturally. And there was a good environmental equilibrium. But nowadays, due to our development of medical facilities minimum no.of people may die. Not only in deliveries, In every case (diseases,epidemics,disasters.....) the minimum no. of people get die.. that's why the birth rate gets increase and death rate gets decrease. The development of every field is happened as the technology. But, how we can minimize using technology..How we can allow to die people.. Then how to blance the birth and death rates.. How we can get the TRUE ecological balance.. That's why this becomes a burning problem.

    • I don't know what's your idea, if any thing happens for good we have to welcome, death rate s decreasing means we should feel great. What ever technology came today's world we make use that it should not harmful remaining living animals/species. 

      • yes. Anything happens good or bad we have to welcome..cuz unavoidable things happens by hook or by crook. But feeling great for decreasing death rates means you  only think about human resource. Take in to consideration that growth of the human population means reduction of other animal resources and plants.. then the balanced relationship among these facts broke and the environmental eqilibrium get lost.

  • The rapid growth of increasing in population is caused due to decreasing in death rate.population it depends on the major factor like birth rate,death rate, immigration and emigration to control population we need to balance these factors.

    We need to control population growth by spreading awareness regarding self control and family planning.we need to control population growth by providing women empowerment, spreading awareness,and providing proper medical facilities.more population will be impact on evnironmentsl resources and it leads to major problems in resources like land,food,and water we need to control this.

    • Thaks gulla.. We value your opinions on contralling population growth. Thaks

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