Is Marrying a Must?

In all societies in all over the world, almost all people, after they reach certain ages, then they get married. If they aren't or haven't, other people will look at them in a strange way. The question is, is marrying a must? Is it an obligation? Is it a sin to be single?

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  • Hi chandra

    Marriage depends on luck, single people don't commit a sin, they aren't lucky enough to find their ideal spouses.

  • Of course it's not a sin being a single. But society or at least the people that meet the first time a person who is a single and has a mature age, maybe allways wonders why he or she has not a mate.

  • Thank you for your comment, Faraz. You are right. I am single. :)

  • i think it depends for every country and its traditions

    • So, do you think a person as an individu doesn't have a choice and that he or she must surrender to what their tradition says?

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    • It's true, dear Maia. Thank you very much for your comment. Let us hope that those who are still single realize about this and don't feel bad if they haven't found the one. :)

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    • You are not old at all, Anna. Listen to what Shane says. It's true. :)

    • That's great!

    • Anna,

      Thats great. It will happen at its own pace :o)


    • Hi Anna,

      In my view,you can't rush into marriage. I made this mistake and I paid the price. You have to know when the time is right for you, not your friends. You are still young and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet the right person, fall in love and get married. You are not old. 

      You dont need to put any extra pressure on yourself. You will know the right time.


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