• we each have the pattern and the rythm of our language imprinted in our brain!

    What is the best way to get round this issue?

    By living in the country of the language that you are learning 

    for a long time to hear it and speak it every single day.

    yes it is possible
    I am left to my own devices yet I could learn on my own so can you.

    For example as I have done
    by studying basic grammar ( in my opinion this is an asset )
    (It is obvious that I speak from personal experience not as expert)
    then I was willing(ready) to practise by corresponding with natives
    and penfriends of more advanced levels.

    an effective way is reading ‘comics because of drawings will help
    to figure out.
    However, according to me a ‘knowledge chunk’ is required to start
    otherwise good luck ! you will tire!

    Of course there are different ways to get round your weak spots.

    Anyway it takes time a lot
    If you have not many it’s a long shot (doomed to failure) for sure!
    you need to tame your brain and forget your language rules.
    must proceed step by step, be meticulous, set up a program of learning
    including two hours of sport / exercises / (walking / running / cycling)
    make many mistakes but knowing which you made.

    Don't give up, it's worth it. Be patient and brave! 

    If you have sincere endeavour to learn you are able to.

  • Yes,it's possible....there are many different ways to do this like:-

    1.Reading out loud (from any book, any conversation)

    2.Speaking to yourself (some people actually have this kind of habit)

    3.Speaking with an imaginary friend i.e.thinking possible conversations from both side & thinking about variations that what will he say if i say this or that (most people do this when they have a crush on someone)

    4.Watching some English movie and try to act like characters and speaking out their dialogues in their accent. (this is the quickest & funniest way if you like acting)

    5.Singing English songs (for those who are gifted with good vocal range & like to sing)

    These methods are best for introverts who prefers to talk less & enjoy loneliness.

    but there problem is these methods are boring as compared to talking with some friend in English.

    when you have conversation partner, you don't feeling like you are learning something...and that's why you can talk for hours without being tired. 

    I had tried first 3 worked well but sometimes i found myself that i am forcefully pushing myself even if i tried for half an hour.

    To conclude...According to me , practicing speaking alone is possible but require a lot of patience & tolerance to overcome boredom & a strong determination & willpower to learn.

  • Selvakumar,

    my name is Christian, a mere man retired and learner as you are.

    Calm down! you look upset and yet there is no reason to be. I'm your felow member.

    what I'm getting at is that we are offered different ways and methods

    as help even if we're staying alone at home. Isn't nice?!

    'ec' give us a good  opportunity but to conclude I meant 'no pain, no gain'.

    about learn / practice  I know how you feel!

    I know what is like to try and learn foreign language. believe me!

    to me, there is a way before achieving fluency. At less about 'spoken English'.

    by the way, 

    i'm permanently talking to myself aloud and so much so that my wife laughed at me

    yet now She has understood that I'm only following some pieces of advice given everywhere

    by specialists. This is a good way to move forward towards success.

    However, it is obvious that when I say something, it does not necessarily make it so.

    I ultimately enriched my knowledge from that taught me the rest.

    • Respected sir... I never upset for anything... I am really very cool person... we are all friends here...

      I know this is only some kind of debate.....

      I Know that through debate we can learn more...  and I think we skipped the original discussion heading....

      finally ... it is up the individual whether if some body can practice alone it is well and good... practice with group will give more experience... this is my suggestion only..

      Anyway thanks sir for your valuable inputs...

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    • Dear Mani...

      You are absolutely correct.... we can practice alone by using our own mirror and we can save our voice in video/audio...

      but my small question is here... before practicing we need somebody's help to learn properly / correctly...

      that is all


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        • Yes... Now you understand what I am trying to mention here... thanks mani

  • My suggestion would be impossible to practice speaking English Alone??

    We need somebody's co-operation so that we can practice speaking English properly.

    I tried several times but the problem here is.. we do not whether the way  is correct or not...

    Better we should have one partner to practice speaking English properly...

    This is my personal opinion.


    • Selvakumar,

      let's be clear.

      What did you mean when you said 'alone'?

      Whether it's on any website or at school it's obvious that you need undergo training.

      at least to be guided. otherwise tell me your plan. 

      They say thad it is feasible.

      Altogether,I could have spared myself the trouble.

      However, I can say to you that I have worked on my own grammar, words in their

      appropriate context  then when I feltready I tried to communicate

      with a few confirmed learners and natives.

       Result,I get by in English.

      If you work alone with any book you bought at your bookshop or 

      at any supermarket  to remain without practising it seem impossible. (I fully agree with you)

      At less if it is that would be arduous indeed!

      Anyway if you learn any foreign language to talk to yourself even though you could 

      progress I don't see the point.

      what I am getting at is that if you plan to organize your work following a nice guide work

      or if you practise on 'ec' with all the necessary tools available even alone flopping

      into your armchair this is possible. 

      In addition, I want you to explain to me what you mean saying 'able to speak English'?

      what for ? chatting? traveling? business? 

      you talked about English? this is a bottomless pit! there is no end.

      It might be that you  plan on becoming fluent! alone? without practising 

      your spoken English? 

      So good luck fellow member. Please, let me know how you are getting on 

      and don't forget to give me your trick.

      • Dear Sir... what I meant to say we need some partner/teacher to guide us to learn proper grammar/pronunciation/correct meaning of a word and how to and where to use a particular work.

        Once we familiarities with the basic we can start learn/practice.

        You can understand that there are difference between learn & practice...

        When learning we must learn properly then only we can practice correctly..

        anyway thank you so much for your valuable inputs...

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