I have met people in this site that can speak English very well, they can write clear messages and feel comfortable when they communicate with other people. When I have asked them, "where did you learn English?" They say "By myself". Is this always possible? Can we all do this? 

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  • NO NO NOO , No possible , You need an educated,literated English teacher. That's all .

    • Today we had this conversation in the speaking class and there were different points of view. Some people agreed with you in this. If you are interested in joining the speaking class, let me know :) 

  • i agree with you.i think that we can learn english well without teacher.but for this achievement  we need motivation and desire.if we say that "i get tired" on this way,we cannot do it..without boring  to learn learn learn.

    • Hi Lala, in the class we had today, some people agreed with your point of view. And the ideas of determination, self-discipline and motivation were mentioned and discussed, as well. If yiu are interested in joining the class, let me know! (it's free) 

  • Hello Pilar, Yes I can say. Here it is good platform to learn English, if you have more interest you shall know where you did mistake and by your self correct it and here every one are learners they may also help you to get out it... 

    • You are right, I have met a few people who have improved their English a lot here in My EC. Thanks for your comment! 

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    • Yes, I think it is cool to learn without a teacher, or even better, that you can be your own teacher! 

      • Ya... Exactly, Tq

  • Dear Pilar, I hope that you are fine, from my point of view if you try to learn a language and and nobody correct your mistakes, you will be always make the same mistakes and you never can  improve your level, this is the reason why you need the support of a teacher, take care.

    • Hi Laura, thanks a lot for your comment. I agree with the idea that we need somebody to correct us,;however, I was thinking that this person can be ourselves. I have been thinking about it, how can we learn in such a way that we can learn to correct ourselves! Well, at least I will have a job for some time 😁. Take care! 

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