Is it failure?

Everyone wants to be successful. Can success be a wrong thing?To Ben Franklin ,yes it is.He said :" success has ruined many people".What do you think? Do you agree with Franklin, or you have a different perspective ? If yes, please share.Amal

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  • I don't know what success means to Ben Franklin but if I were to guess, success for him would mean the accomplishment of top rank in terms of property/material. It is said that this kind of success has ruined many people because many people could lose the real values of life such as humanity once they attain this kind of success. It depends on what success means to you, if you think it is right then it is right, and if you think it is not then it is not. For example, people usually label you as a successful person when you have a lot of money and they think it is a good thing, but what if deep inside I was in agony because I had no companies? For them it's a good thing because they could not see and feel what's inside me but for me it's just not a good thing. Therefore, what you observe might not be right as what one experiences.

  • Hello Amal, it depends on your definition of success. Are we talking about money? happiness? professional career?

    The true question is Do I really know what I want? because if I don´t know what I´m looking for, I´m sure I won´t be successful. Everything has a price...

    If I´m rich, I´m scared to lose my money.

    If I´m a civil right defender some intolerant people will want to kill me.

    If I´m a famous, I don´t have privacy. And more...

    In my case I agree with Bertrand Russell, he says everybody can achieve happiness with a well-directed effort...

    Have a nice day. 

  • Success which is motivating people to be better could be right thing. But still it's wrong still for negative thinker. That's my opinion anyway, thank you.
  • Evangeline , and caro thanks for sharing your ideas.

    For me,I do agree with Franklin in one aspect , in which people feel arrogant when they become wealthy or famous;they even got many difficulties in their future life ,losing their best friends and sometimes their families.

    On the other hand ,success is success.Nobody loves to fail .Everyone has a goal in his life want to acheive.
    So it depends.
  • nice discussion , Amal 

    in my opinion this is depending in our  definition of success. the success isn't meaning negative competition  between us for take best things in this life .

    the success meaning hand by hand for arrive to top by co-operation .

     Franklin meaning everybody arrived  alone to top by use negative competition with his friends and without co-operation at finally game he ruined.

    thank you for  you 


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  • We are in a perminant race toward success..and
    • Salah , so you don't agree with Franklin?And what do you think he wanted to mean?
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