Anger is one of human emotions that normally happens in everyday life. However, if your anger is inclined to hurt and humiliate people or becomes aggressive and destructive, you have to seek a proper and healthy way to cope with it. The way people take control of their anger indicates how weak or strong they are. Why? Because be in charge of your emotion requires a powerful inner strength.

Do you think anger is a sign of strength or weakness? And why do you think so? Instead of showing anger, as a grown-up, how do you sort things out?



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  • anger is weakness and patience is power. 

  • I agree with Douae. If people can control their anger, many crimes will not happen especially for men. Most of the time when two men are so mad, one of them may be killed.

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  • personnaly i see that anger is a sign of weakness because you can't control your emotions and, you explode . the strenght is to have the power to control yourself in any kind of situations. calm people are the strongest because they control themselves the right way. They act with their mind, not with their emotions. if you have anger issues you have to find a solution to stop them because they ruin your mental health without you knowing about it. i guess a lot of people will agree with me.

    to solve my problems i wait to calm down so i can think clearly. i don't let my anger to have control over me. i'm the boss. 

  • Hello Peony 

    In my point of view it is weakness, how it means when we get into an emotion we never think wether it(what we do) is good or bad. just we feel what we want to do. in the same way when we get anger we do what we want to do that will do. it shows your weakness in front of others,some people may take it as advantage and leads to use in wrong perception. so anger is sign of weakness 


  • Anger is almost always a sign of weakness. When things don't go our way,  sometimes we forcefully want to get those done.

    I believe we should take a moment to aknowledge the emotion and think if showing anger would help with our situation.  Most of time, it doesn't and we know this very well.

    but in some cases , it does.  Even then,  we can pretend to be angry from the ourside and be perfectly calm from the inside thereby not compromising our reasoning. 

    • The latter you mentioned, I am such a person, I guess :D)). Inside, I am perfectly calm.  Anger is a normal human emotion, so all we need is how to manage it.  Anger is not a weakness, but the way one handles anger represents how weak or strong one is.  At a severe level, sometimes I do not understand. Some people want to fight or show anger even when no tiger is around.

  • I totally agree with your reviews regarding this topic.

    • Thanks for dropping by and reading :D

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