• [...], does it?

    What a curious country, btdubs.

  • Your family does not live in  Guinea, does it? 


    • Correct

      • Thank you very much mister Josef.


  • Yes, much better. In fact, perfect :)

  • Thank you mister Joseph !

    Your family lives in Lodon, doesn't it?

    Your family live in London ,don't they??

    Better ? ;-)

    Does your family live in London ? No, it lives in Koziegłowy!

    Do your family live in Pacanów? No, they live in London !

  • Marek: it means you should look at

    Family can be singular or plural so it’s not a good example and you have mixed it up :)


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    • Thank you so much, Jospeh It was really useful :)

  • Does it mean we can ask : Do your family live in .....? hmmm

    Does your family live in Koziegłowy?  No , it doesn't  live in Koziegłowy it lives in Pacanów. ( it is a very interesting topic ! I see I must write it down )

    Your family lives in Koziegłowy , doesn't it ? ( I need to write it down !)

    Your family don't live in Pacanów, do they ??

    Thanks dear teachers ...(Rys.. you know why I used these two Polish names LOL )


  •  Thank you Joseph essberger,MD. Mafijul Islam andryspeski

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