Let's imagine the following situation:

You bought an old house.

During the renovation of this old house, you find a very old wooden box in the attic. The box is locked, but you cannot find the key to this box.

You shake the box and like a miracle, the lock opens by itself.

You're excited and curious and want to know what's in this box. You open the box, take out the content, and are shocked.

What's in this box and why are you shocked about it?


I am now telling you about my idea of the contents of the box:

In this box are many small drawings that show a woman wearing clothes that appear to be from the 17th century. What shocked me is the fact that this woman looks like me. Your resemblance to me is amazing when I don't think of old-fashioned clothes and hairstyle.
I just wonder how that can be. I am shocked and speechless.


 Now it's your turn to tell us what you've found in the box.


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  • I was wondering that after opening the box gennie will come out and fulfil all your wishes.


    • Nice imagination.

      But...what will you do when all your wishes are granted?

      There will be no more reason to live any longer because all that remains is a boring life without goals and challenges.

      Nothing to fight for, and nothing to dream of. Do not you think so?


    • When the jennie fullfill his all wishes then he will ask another wish likewise he will continue till his the human nature wants more

    • Lol, Tabrez alam.

      You are right, human beings are greedy. 

  • A bottle contains an ancient drink but still fresh. There are words on the bottle (elixir of life).Then I drink the liquid and it transforms me as a young  man forever.  

    • Please, tell me, Tawfeeq, is there a left over for me? (Just joking!)

      One more question: do you really want to live for ever? I am not sure if that were the best wish if we see how world becomes worse and worse, and also, I surely think, one day, we would get tired of life. 


    • I was joking for sure. This leads me to a question "Why should someone look for a kind of ( elixir of life) and avoid the normal death of human?" everything has an end and We should be satisfied with the concept of death.

      I enjoy reading your dissection Rose

  • ohhh Rose!!  no one like you is able to tickle imagination of reader! 

    your adding at the end of story is really great, very imaginative.. for me pretty surprisingly..

    thank you for so interesting topic..

    i will  try to wake up my imagination and come back later..

    but. first imagination was "box of gems and jewelry"   with a written dedication : "for Bossona, with love and respect"  :D


    • Lol, dear Bossona, I would not be shocked if there were gems and jewelry in the box but highly pleased. Nevertheless, I have to say the idea is not bad.

      I am looking forward to reading your new imagination.

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