As for me, I won't give up my current job, but,

1. I would like to have an Audio Studio or a little musical theatre or musical coffee shop with a small stage - for the live music (Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Classic Guitar).

2. I would like to have a world trip once for all.

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  • That’s a quite hypothetical situation but surely I am getting delighted just by assuming it. The first thing that I would do after winning jackpot is hardcore party and world tour. Secondly, I would think about investment.

  • if this ii  happend  with me  i m sure  that  the 1st i ii regain  consciousness

  • Hi James Shin

    In my opinion, it is better to be realistic. If we hope to win a million pound lottery but that won't happen to us then we feel very depressed.

  • i want to go to around the world. First, I will visit malaysia, singapore, japan, india. and than go to aussie, and continuing my trip go to france, amsterdam, england, Imagine one day i visit many countries in the world. i will bring my mom and drop her to buying many thing.
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    • Hi, Juan!

      Thanks for your reply, but I am sorry for my late response!

      To speak many idioms, to know many idioms may help you out in understanding of other's cultural areas where are easily misinterpreted by none-native people, but I don't believe it helps much improvements of your English in general. Hence, I think, learning other cultures of English speaking country may assist your English to be improved for better. In fact, this is what I've been trying to learn.... 

  • First -I would donate 90% to all the poor people and rest for myself to spend my life.

    Second-I would deposit in government fund for needy people.

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    • Hi, Kean!

      Thanks for your reply on this topic!

      Your wishes are very interesting, as you seem to have a very warm heart & care for others. Every where, wherever you go, whether they are richest or poorest countries you could see them on the street. But what you could do, absolutely nothing. As for a political correctness, this should be systematically pro-acted by the governments on the basis of caring program in principle, not by the volunteered people because it will be only for a short term not for a long term.

      Don't loose your dream in hope as a dream may possibly come true, if you keep it up!

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    • Hi, Dr Ilody!

      Thanks for your interest in this topic!

      I know it's been quite a while ago, but it's never too late in leaving a message or replying back. So here I am. Well, I know, sometimes thinking or imagining something makes us happy, as you said, in a crazy way. I often do so.

      You said, you want to tell your grandchildren that you were a millionaire...... this means you were in the past but now you spent all the money once for all, hahah! But still happy....!!!

      Good for you! 

  • Hehe ... I have interest in replying this question! Thanks a lot.

    1. I'll go to Hanoi or Haiphong, Vietnam to meet some friends ... and my "net love" :P (hehe we're friends now, although we like each other so much ... long distance between us make us unable to express one's love to another).

    2. I'll buy something ... hmm ... for starting a business, although I still have no idea exactly now.

  • Hi JAMES

    First I will visit MEKKA in SAUDI ARABIA

    second Iwill make a project to help every member in my family and neighbours to work and live a good life and to share me my happiness - this is will make a million be millions


    Thank you James for this topic

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