• Hello Glosky. I would say that I feel myself realized: next year it will be 20 years from the day in which I found a very important job in Milan, where I live and 20 years of work aren't a single day or 20 days etc... Do you know what I want to tell to everyone, right?  I don't am able to believe that one of my most important desires has become real, so that I achieved it with a lot of wills : now I'm working in an important section how is the social security and so on, I'm not able to realize that next year it will be 15 years of work in that section......

    I think that all our desires could be achieved if only us have a strong willpower and only with a strong willpower we will be able to achieve our most important goals in our life.

    Believe in yourself, with a very strong personality and in the moments in which you aren't feeling good, think that time changes everything by negative into positive or not: it depends only from you. 

    Happy Saturday and Sunday to everyone and I hope to hear from you soon.


  • Para sa akin, sasabihin ko, mahal kita Glosky. We all love our cute teacher, Glosky.  Don't forget to extend my greetings to your respected family and friends. 

    • Thank you Dara. 

  • >>>thank you for coming into my life.<<<  
    ... I said this once to somebody, but one month later I started to regret this deeply! :-/  Hasn't changed since then.  
    Now I can say, life taught me again a very cruel lesson. Don't have empathy or trust a person with a already proven bad character. :-/

    • Hi Notaclue. I understand you, i said this once and i was deeply disappointed. But somehow, it never changed my point of view. I am still trusting and loving, as people are not at all the same. I suggest, you try to forget all the heartache and open your heart to others. This way, we can find peace and happiness. 

      • Glosky, thank you for your nice answer... But my statement wasn't about love or heartbreak. Your post just reminded me of these words. I just liked that person despite I already knew what the person was capable of. But he used my empathy against me to control me and get my support. I should have walked away the second I was aware of this. But my problem is often I want to see the good in people... It's already history and my friends are all great. ;)
        Thank you so much, dear :)) 

        • Ughhhh! Im wrong again...hahaha

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