• Hahaha Mr. Bob .. you don't need a skill for that, what you need is a clone of you. Or in our culture, we have this really horror story where you can have some sort of genie to be take your appearance and such. We call it "Hantu Raya". LOL.

      But, if you can master such skills successfully, can you teach me how to do that too?

  • Maryam's comment inspired this thought in me that we all need to learn how to understand one another's differences and how to communicate based on this understanding. If men could understand in what areas women differ from them, their relation with women would improve accordingly. So is about women.

    If we learn how to accept what we already know, we will have a better life. If we had the skill to accept the true opposite ideas of others. If we could fill the space between "KNOWING" and "UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTING, and IMPLEMENTING what we already KNOW" world would be heaven for us.

    Why we lack peace in the world? Since, the ones who are wrong do not want to accept the truth. Since, some minorities want to have everything for themselves. So asking and answering these questions makes us come up with the new simple skills of life needed for all.

    These questionings and answers tell us that the skill we have to learn is to be kind, to be sharing, to be friendly, to accept the true truth no matter WHO tells it. You know what? The main skill that covers all these is to be a good individual who is obedient to God! Why? Since God knows us the best, tells us what to do to have the best life. So by obeying God's voice which is a built-in battery we can see the truth and go for it.

    Thanks for the good topic.

    Have a nice time.


    • WOW  Zahra ... what can I add into that?? You summed up when you said "If we could fill the space between "KNOWING" and "UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTING, and IMPLEMENTING what we already KNOW" world would be heaven for us.

      I think the additional key in here is trying to accept others' weaknesses and strengths too. Nobody is perfect, but we can strive for something better.

      Thank you for wonderful view.

  • if i will get chance to learn anything i will learn how can i make the relations strong.
    I mean so many relations we have in society like parents, bro,sis,husband and ofcourse our lovely friends so i wand and i wish to learn the skills to make the bonding strong and i want to become very close to every one and i want the love of everyone.

    • Hi  maryam .. yes, I do believed that to keep a relationship strong, people needs to have some skills. And I think it's an admiral skills to have. People sometimes tend to take things for granted when it comes to making any relationships strong. Thank you for your wonderful answer.

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    • Hi lona, hmm is it a skill to be able to have a good mood? I do believe so. It means that you're able to turn any situations into a positive experience, thus having a good mood all the time. I wish I can do that too. :-). Being positive surely means that you would be resolute enough to keep your dreams alive. 

      Hmmm .. open an interesting course??  LOL. Let me think on that..... 

  • I would like to learn playing guitar. When being a child, my older brother had told me "if you can play a guitar well, girls will follow you", then upon becoming a student I tried to learn guitar with my friend but poorly, I was not gifted to play any musical instrument. Within months, I couldn't remember even one musical note. 

    Now, though there is no intention about attracting girls' attention, still such hobby is dancing in my mind. To be a person often has to stay alone, I would like to play a guitar with some melodies I like for coloring the lonely moments. That's one way to release the inspiration of mine to complete duties and to enjoy this beautiful life as well. 

    • Well vvquang, I can understand your yearning. I too wish I can play even a simple musical instrument, but alas, I am a bit tone deaf. LOL. Even my humming is out of tune. Good luck in learning the guitar while enjoying your beautiful life

  • Thanks noaslpls. I want to be learned gentleman. If I become a learned person, I shall be able to do a lot for the species of the world including human beings. Secondly if I become a gentleman, I shall be able to use my knowledge only the right way for betterment of the world. So let me do that. All the best.


    • Thanks Raya for your valuable comments. You are correct "chivalry and gentlemanly habits are so seldom found in this day and age". But we need that for the betterment of the human beings. We are achieving a lot of setting goal in our personal life but as whole we are losing peace. We all are thinking for our personal  satisfaction ignoring social satisfaction.But if we all  think for our social satisfaction we can get both personal as well as social satisfaction. Wish you all the best.

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