• hi Rina how are you doing? your question about a man who is forced to marry.....I've never heard or seen any man who is forced to marry. Maybe he may have had parents giving him advice to marry to leave them alone because they are old parents and dont want him to continue living with them. Parents can do that, dont they?

    Another person wont force him to marry , never ,ever , so the second part of your question is "what should he do"? Well , as far as i know there are 7 women for a man , i dont believe he would become single forever haha. bye 

  • hehehhe great book 

  • suicide?

  • suicide?
  • For the man, before he can be loved by any woman, he should love himself first, the true one. Acknowledge what kind of aspects he doesn't like about himself. Then figure out are these aspects true or they are just one's thought. If there's anything he's willing to change, then change. If there's not, then just be yourself and be confident. Just allow yourself to be more of yourself.

    I know there're still some places in the world where marriage is forced. For the man, if you have tried everything to be 'free',  but it still doesn't work, then please respect the woman who is forced to marry you as well. Treat her like a friend and a family first. Keep communication and you will find out a solution of life. Remember that single or married or divorced, no matter what kind of state you are, you were, or you will, you are still you. Don't judge yourself but love yourself. Then love others. You create your own reality. 

  • Hi.. In different cultures yes, they can be forced.

  • hmmm, depends on how much you like him and are engaged yourself. In the best case you might marry him yourself.

  • In these days, I don't think to be forced to get marry, physically, emotionally, spiritually, because everyone is living in his/her own universe.

  • This is a difficult question as it stands.  I think the reader needs to know more.  Such as why he is in this position......and why women are not interested.  Otherwise how can one say?  We need more to go on.  

  • if you mean an adult man and not a boy.. so he is however a boy. Adults could't be "forced".

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