Anyone of us would like to change a particular decission he/she made, a saying he/she told, or a thing  he/she did..................

As for me, if the time had taken me back to past, i would have definitely change a dicission was made in an indiscretion moment that led me to have been suffering all this time. It's a big mistake to join an habit throw you to loose your values.

What about you?? don't you turn back to your past so as to change something :)???

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  • I did, if I could turn back the hands of time, I would just change one of my decision, I would study to be a doctor instead of being a nurse or maybe I would study to be a journalist to work as a "grand reporter" .

  • I will do my best more and more in the collage ,this really suffer me all the time :-(

  • Everything what happens, it is to better. Don't regret about your past mistakes.
  • If given a chance I would probably correct my mistakes I done in the past especially the time when I become a prodigal daughter to my Mother. If only I have done the right thing maybe  my mother is still alive today.
  • There is no one thing which I would like to change with my past any more and no less important for wanting left time back. Mistakes I've made have given me the opportunity to grow and opportunities thanks to the errors I am Now. And I am not trying to avoid mistakes, because it is sometimes in error which will allow it again and again.
  • I would not want to change anything I've decided. I mean it's too late. I'll never get the chance. The fact is that... time never goes back again. I have only one way to go, one choice to make, which is accepting the truth and keep going on with the game of life.

    Try to be happy and cheerful with whatever you've decided. You would find yourself a successful one. You won't have the second chance to be happy now.

  • If I could turn back in time, I would like to be more quiet and judicious, because of my character in past I had big quarrels with people that are closer to me and that i really love. But also I was  learned on my mistakes and now it's all good between us)
  • If i could get back to the past,i would have learned hard when i was at school;i wish i would be brave enough to do something i wished do;
  • You know, when I look back, there is certainly a lot that I'd like to change but then, after dwelling on it for some time, I decide that I do not want to change anything cause it's my past, it led me to what I am now, and as long as I'm satisfied, I do not want to change anything :)
  • If i could turn back the hours of time, i would probably do tretty much the same again. Maybe as Nafis, i would work a little harder at university to become a doctor instead of a nurse :). But no regrets, my life is what i made of it.
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