Also our Mıshaik writes very nice poems....I wish I could write and read ....For hours,  I m struggling  to write only one line poem,  but  not going !!!.. I couldn't put the two words side by side...impossible to write a poem for me...Ofcourse , I cant write it with the slap of my father and mother....I've to study with Rose and Mishaik and tawfeeq abit.... Thank you....

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    Make a wish and your wish will become true :)


    “A poet is, before anything else,

    a person who is passionately in love

    with language”


    Aaaand, if that quote has a bit of truth in it, then I guess Adriano, there might be a poet in you as well.


    By th way, Mishaikh and Rose are actually magnificently outstanding poets here, nice to see you acknowledge that ... Thumbs up. 


    Hmm, time is 01.44 ... Is is strange how one can hear the clock ticking so loud in the night ...,

    • Hello, Thank you, Thank you ,You are so nice...After seeing your wonderful legs , I began to write....Around 01.44... I'am also awake up , But I listen the sound of the wind coming from your side,It doesnt matter night or day , Have a nice weekend ,Dear friend

  • Lol White Dog !.. ofcourse you cant write a poem ,are you a poetry ?.. No...Did you look at the mirror ? No..It is impoosıble to write a word with this white skin ...Rose Irıs, Mishaik and Tawfeeq could write .but impossible you cant...They have brain, Do you have ? No....

    • Every body has their own talent. You can't write a poem well, but you can be a photographer. As far as I know You always share very nice pictures. So, I guess you are very talented in it. Just explore it, white dog!


    • Oh, Thank you my friend Tina, thank you.. You are so nice, I keep your advise , After this time,  I wont  try to write even one word poem , Yes, Most of my photos  received  rewards from the International Press Assocation. . 

    • Haha...Adriano. I see, as there nobody commented on your discussion, you did yourself.

      Did you ever try to write a poem? 

    • Oh Thank you've read my topic...Thank you...Yes, I did.  but my darlings didn't like them...sometimes I copy poems and changes some words of them togive  my girl friends, so they say Ayyyyy what beautiful poem , what wonderful sentences...Now I've decided to copy  your and Tawfeeq's poems to see my darlings...

    • Don't dare!!!! Hahaha.


    • Looll hahahaha Is she you ?.. Oh Gosh ! I've no courage to dare !.. Bıırrrrrr

    • Hello, Adriano Martelli , Thank you very much you reminded me my family ...and Thanks for your comment....

This reply was deleted.