i want to cry

I want to cry. I gave someone hope in vain to forget someone else. The sting of guilt doesnt leave me alone. I want to cry. I feel sorry. I let everyone down. And i have no one to go all dramatic with. No one will listen, no one will understand. I want to do some things undone. Want to believe this all is a dream. Why i let everyone down. Why did i have to kill what's true. I cant love him. I pretended to love.. but he loved me truly. Seeing that hurts me, seeing that he waits for me hurts me

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  • Poor you! So selfless... and you have to tell this the whole world (EC). Yeah, now I wanna cry, too.


  • You should meet this guyhttps://www.myenglishclub.com/discussions/selfish

    We are getting selfish day by day . if we notice around us everyone is busy with his own family where parents are not included. Our parents put up wi…
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