Hello there!
These days we live with the risk of corona, I understood better that I need to improve my English.
In short, if I introduce myself, I live in Turkey and I work as IT specialists. Besides, I am working on my own historical culture and world history. I also have psychological and spiritual research on humanity.
I love my job, reading, playing sports, good movies and music, science and technology, building good relationships with good people.
As your life experience expands, you have a lot to tell;)
I can openly say to everyone who will want to be my friend, you will find an honest person. I wish everything would be good for you ...

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  • I am ready to accept you as my friend, Iam from India 

    • Thank you Shoukathali, I would be glad to be my friend. However due to my business trips,researchs and work these days, I can't spare the time required. Also, I tried to.Thank you again and welcome!

  • Dear Ulug, I agree with you,  in my case, I am from Spain, people here are shy for speaking and practise their english, I say ....cheer up!!!!! we can make mistakes and we try to improve our some  knowledge.

    • I'll cheer up! For start, may be slow little bit but I feel good. Because I've already learned and remember some useful things. No need to rush yet :) And... Of course we make mistakes and learn from them, I believe this is very useful for improve...

      Thank you Laura, I'm grateful for your sincere comment :)

    • Yes!  Cheer Up!!!! We can do it! Together, We can do it!!! This Club is amazing! Regards Laura.

    • I absolutely agree with you, yes, we can!

  • Hmmm... interesting hobby to work on the world history... I'm not sure how exactly that looks like, but I'm intrigued now. ;-)

    Welcome EC, Ulug! :)

    • History is like an undiscovered sea :)

      It is very difficult to see the depth when you look at it from its surface :)

      Thank you and I'm glad to be here :)

  • Well, if you are active here...you will definitely get what you are looking for.


    • I think and believe: "If you want to improve something you love, you should spare enough time for it"

      I found this place while looking for something to improve my English, this is a first for me...

      Now I know that definitely in the right place with your beatiful comments.

      Thank you! 

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