I'm in high school and i've got to study Geography. At first, i was fond of studying this subject, because it was all about nowaday's issues and worldwide problems.

 Nevertheless, i've started to hate totally this subject, due to my teacher and specially because i'm studying the cities, the time after the 2nd world war and all the air poluition that is driven by automobiles and other transports.

 In conclusion: Every time i am studying it i am hot under the collar because i don't understand squat and i already know that i'm going to fail in the test no matter how hard i study.


Does anyone feels the same way?


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  • When I was in school we also had Geography and our teacher was really awful! We didn't learn anything interesting .. we've just drawn maps ... and it was terrible, because I am not so good in drawing) so it was boring lessons ..
  •  Dear Guilherme, When I was at your age, I also didn't like it. But, after that, I realized it's important and I should have studied more. So, I know how you feel. However, we should study subjects that we don't even like it. By this, we practice to like what we don't like. I also don't agree with you that you are going to fail no matter how hard you try. When someone does his best, it's impossible to be failed. And, I'm so sure if you put your attention on it, you'll be so good at it.Albert Enstein said obsticles are only in the mind not in the external world. Don't give up and good luck!  
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