I am sick of my bad grammar :-(

I love to challenge my writing by write blogs .I always do that but some of my friends told me that my grammar is not good (and I get that they mean my grammar is awful :-P) I knew that already .

actually I have never studied grammar ..I tried a few weeks ago to start reading but I CANT PUT THE RULES IN MY MIND .when I wanna start speaking according what I learnt about grammar ..after a while i figure out WOW I am just thinking how to speak ,OMG I even forgot to what I wanted to say :-( OMG I have feeling such I do not know even a word in English ...

Now friends could you please share me the way that you learnt grammar and speaking to gather ,how could it possible to think about rules and speak ?:-( LOL another truth is I always speak according Persian grammar in English and worse then that I always write my blogs according Persian grammar not all of them but most of that ;))))

Thanks for your help :D 

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      • advise you about your grammar .. hahahahaha

        I need an advice for mine :p

        I just wanted to tell you Congrats :)

        you want to punish me ??!!!!! you have already done that when you took all my toys :'(

        bad..bad sima :p

        • I will take all of toys and all of your car toys and all what your parent bye for you ..

          aww I will take your cheeps and you chocolate cake also ..

          And finally i will call May to cook you in her kitchen :-P 

          Kale pache :D 

          • you will take my toys O.o

            my car toys O.o

            my chocolate cake O.o

            you don't give me any reason to live :(

            you will call may to cook me :(

            I really lost the hope in this live :(

            bye i'm leaving this life for you and may :p

            • OH MY GOD 

              you do not have any choise ,you are in tonight's menu :D 

              A food from Alex :-P 

              • tonight's menu ????


                I'm doomed :p

  • Have you ever thought about going through the Grammar Help Desk? Here is my suggestion: 

    1) Visit the Grammar Help Desk weekly. 

    2) Learn one new thing about grammar. Learn it really well!

    3) Write a weekly blog post on MyEC. Call it something like My Weekly Grammar Lesson.  Teach other MyEC members what you learned, and provide a link to the source and any related resources you've found! 

    The best way to learn is to teach! You can do it!

    • Hello Teacher Tara :D

      How are you ?

      1)Actually I did not even know That EC has the same thing I mean Grammar Help Desk  :-P I was looking for it in another site :D:D :D :D but I really do not know how to start..this is a lil strange for me ..

      2)I will :D 

      3) OMG Teacher you may remember my blogs post ,I am sure you remember cuz they had lots of grammatical mistake and you always ask members to help me :D but I think finding issue for writing blogs :D 

      But I will do my best teacher :))))

      Thanks for your comment :-*

  • dear sima there is a nother site named spot light may it helps u

    • OMG beauty  Laila kais ..thanks a lot for your help aziza :-* 

      cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks :-*

  • hi sima i am jan .do you remember me?if you remember i gave you some tips to speak English better .by the way i must say don't care about grammar  because not only you but also a native speaker make mistakes several time .this is not my opinion also it comes from  Dr AJ hoge(an American English teacher).

    But if you wanna improve your grammar follow this tip:each day choose one part of grammars which you think you are not good at it so in that day try to use it all the time in all topics which you are  talking about.i hope i could help you.bye

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