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Thanks for like my blogs . i am not a native speaker, am a learner , i have more problem in English, now i share my most important problem . I have been problem in telling about past. if i want to say about my past either i use "i used to play cricket , i used to go school, i used to ...... so on . or i could say another way. is there any way to say about past ? Please help , how about would ? Please explain how could i speak about past & childhood things. 

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    • Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.
      That's why it's called the present. Cherish it.,,,, Life must go on,enjoy it!!!

    • Thanks raven, i knew 1 & 2 points well but i was very confused to used of would . please tell me more examples of it . Would is used in past, future wow i could know someone is saying past or future. lol 

    • ok. i will  await . thanks bro 

    • Thanks, your examples teaches me a lot . now i can say i had problem , but not now. actually i am trying to write a blog on my lived life  & i got stuck in saying about my past life. thanks a lot 

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