How Would You Deal with a Difficult Person?

A difficult person is someone who has a bad attitude. He or she could be arrogant, rude and self-centered.

Did you have any experience with him or her? How did you cope with the situation? Kindly cite your story on the comment box below.

Thank you in advance!

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  • I totally agree with you. It's sometimes annoying to deal with them especially when they are part of your team. Their poor attitudes affect the team itself and drag those competent members to failure.

    Certainly, if they are uncooperative there's no sense dealing with them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


    • You're welcome Robbie!!

  • I really have a hard time dealing with a difficult person, all I do is either ignore the person or give him/her a silent treatment.
  • Sarcasm is the best weapon to this kind of attitudes..humour is a good medecin but the problem is, maybe its not always understood but misunderstood. Because its usually going for the truth and it may hurt ;)

    The point is to make you look at yourself and to laugh at yourself. Its healthy!

  • Hi Robbie!! There are different ways in which a person can have a bad attitude. In some jobs I had I came across arrogant people who liked to bossing me around. Usually, I ignored them. Just in one case, I call the person and talk to him about his attitude, because he wasn't just bossy, he was rude and didn't know how to work as a team. I think in most cases the best approach is to be honest with the person, but we have to be careful with the way we talk to people or we can make things worse. If I think the person is not going to understand me or is going to be angry, I don't speak to him/her.

  • You could be right, Mera! Thank you for sharing your views about this topic!

  • Difficult persons should be ignored for avoiding having more troubles with them if someone is rude I don't have to deal with him or her.
  • Did you mean "ignore him", Banan? Thank you for your comment.

  • What a wonderful thought! Thank you for sharing your comment here!

  • agnore him
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